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Propane Regulator Adjustment

I have a Marshall Gas Controls propane regulator Model 230 installed on a sailboat and I need to increase the discharge pressure of the regulator because of the relatively long run to the stove. Unfortunately the regulator was installed in such a way that I can't remove it without a significant amount of effort. So I would like to find a way to increase the discharge pressure while leaving it in place. I removed the cover plate and saw that there was a hex shaped opening that fits an Allen Wrench, but I was reluctant to adjust it for fear of damaging the regulator. If the regulator c

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How to Adjust an LP Regulator. An LP (liquid propane) regulator adjusts the pressure from a gas tank through a hose connected to an appliance such as a heater or ...
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Adjustable regulators allow an adjustment of pressure rated in psi. Ideal for home brewing, roofer/pavers, torches, weed burners, crab pots, turkey fryers, etc.
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Mar 12, 2013 · Learn about the Travel Travel and RV propane gas regulator, what it does, how long it lasts and how to adjust it.

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Find great deals on eBay for low pressure propane regulator adjust. Shop with confidence.

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Furnaces in many vacation and motor homes are fired by liquid propane gas (LP) that's stored in a pressurized tank. A pressure regulator attached to the tank reduces ...
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Propane regulators come factory pre-set at the correct pressure for propane gas appliances, 2.75kPa. Most have no adjustment functionality. Also, I’m not sur...
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Learn about the details of LP Gas regulators including the regulator vent, diaphragm, springs and the safety relief valve all contained within the propane regulator.
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How To Test Gas Pressure. ... Most high quality regulators will have an adjustment screw usually covered with a ... Most propane appliances are priced within just a ...
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Have a large mobile propane grill with burner problems

Ok, here is a check list for your most common gas grill lighting problems:1) Check your tank. Is it empty or nearly empty? The tare weight (T.W.) of your cylinder is stamped on the collar. This is the weight of your empty cylinder, usually around 18 lbs. Weigh it on your bathroom scale. Propane weighs 4.25 lbs/gal. If it weighs around 20 lbs or less - Refill it. If not, go to #2.2) Make sure you didn't turn the gas tank valve on too fast. Some gas hoses have a built-in excess flow valve that stops the flow of gas to a trickle if opened too fast. Close the tank valve and let sit for a few minutes. Or just disconnect it and reconnect it. Turn the tank valve very slowly and then try lighting it again. If it doesn't help, go to #3.3) Is the igniter sparking? Some are battery powered-check the battery or replace it. If you have a standard push button piezzo igniter or a rotary style igniter, check for spark. Can you hear or see the spark? It's hard to see the spark in bright daylight. It's easier to view the spark at dusk or dawn. It should spark an "arc" at the burner. If not, adjust it if necessary. The igniter wire may have a short, causing the spark to arc somewhere else along the wire and not at the burner. Replace igniter wire. It's also possible the igniter tip where it sparks has a cracked or broken porcelain portion of the igniter, causing the spark to not arc at the tip where it's supposed to. Replace the igniter piece. If not, go to #4.4) You may have a rusted, clogged or damaged burner or venturi tube. With a flashlight, check for spider webs, wasp nests or dirt (mud) dauber nests in the opening of the venturi tube where it connects at each gas valve orifice. Clean it out manually or blow it out with air compressor. Make sure the air adjustment opening (on the end of the burner's venturi tube) has not been changed. If it's closed too much, it will be difficult to light and cause lazy yellow flames. If it's not clogged, the burner may just be old and rusted and the burner holes are not allowing very much gas through anymore. It's also possible the burner has rusted so bad, the burner holes have been enlarged, it is falling apart or has cracks along the burner seams. If so, replace the burner(s) immediately. It is unsafe to use. Your local propane co can usually order the parts you need and some will even do the work, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. Bring with you the Make, Model and Serial number of the grill, so they can order the correct parts for your specific grill.Have a large mobile propane grill with burner prob - 2_bing.gifify whether it's natural gas or propane.5) If none of these resolve the issues you are having, it is also possible you have a faulty or defective regulator, which may mean replacement. If the pressure still seems too low and none of the above has helped, and you have a silver/gray regulator; many have an adjustment screw on the top center of the diaphragm. Remove the outer cap and turn the inside screw clockwise in 1/4 turns to increase the pressure until the desired flame size is accomplished. Flames should be as blue as possible, but will burn orange if there is food or drippings on it. Yellow flames are not good, and will soot up everything and not cook as hot as blue flames do. Yellow flames could mean you do not have the right air shutter adjustment, clogged burners, or possibly defective burners, as mentioned above in #4. 6) Also make sure you have the hose connection tightened snugly to the propane tank valve to ensure the inner valve seat is fully depressed allowing gas to exit fully without any restriction. The black plastic female fitting should be hand tightened only. Older versions that use a left-hand male brass POL valve, requires a 7/8 open end wrench or adjustable wrench to tighten.Hope this helps! Good luck in your trouble shooting! Douglas
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Can not adjust flame.

It sounds like the grill just needs a good cleaning, plus when you do clean it check that the burner tubes and orfaces are free of any debris. The orface is a tiny hole inside a small brass threaded insert where the gas blows through into the burner tubes, it is very critical that this is clear as well as the burner tubes.
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Magma grill to a 3lb propane tank

Propane burns at 14 wc so this could be a reg fault , yes it will freeze too much gas not good .
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Cannot conect regulator to small 16.4 oz propane tank

It must have some sort of packing spacer you need to remove from the hose to attach the tank. LOL
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I actually have a model 1502SHLPE. Both burners

Its the pressure regulator. It's just gone bad. They are not expensive. Your local lowes or home depo should have one. Measure the length of the hose from the pressure regulator to the grill manafold.. Thats the only difference you'll find at the store. Make sure when you install the new one that you use some pipe tape rated for gas and check for leaks with soapy water.
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I have owned the Fire Magic A660 for a year and a half. The main burners have never worked right. Sometimes they light 25% and other times up to 90% but never even. I've adjusted the air, I've cleaned the burners and punched out all holes on the burners. I'm also on my 3rd regulator. Any suggestions? It seems like there is not enough gas pressure going through the burners.

If your using a 20lb grill tank, that may be where the problem lies. All 20lb LP refillable tanks are now equipped with an OPD Valve. It's a safety feature prevents over filling of the tank. However, it can cause problems for gas grills if not turned on properly.If this is what you're using here's what you need to do: Turn off the tank and disconnect the grill hose from it. Wait 5 minutes and reconnect the hose to the tank. Very, very slowly turn the tank valve on. When I say slowly, I mean VERY slowly. Once the valve is fully open, light each burner one at a time and turn them all up to the highest setting.Are all the burners, burning properly? If so, you just solved the problem. Remember to always turn the tank valve very, very slowly when turning it on.If you're not using a propane grill tank and your supply is hard piped from your household supply of propane gas. You may very well have a pressure and gas volume problem, depending on the length & size of the run gas piping. This will have to be determined by your propane provider. But, I can tell you this, if the gas piping is not at least 1/2" OD, that's were your problem lies.If you're using Natural Gas from your household supply. Was the grill properly converted to operate on Natural gas? If it wasn't, that definitely is the problem.Hope this helps you solve your problem. "Happy Grilling."
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Kenmore Gas Grill 141.155401 issue with Propane tanks

Replace the regulator
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Our grill does not lite. There is propane. Could it be the gas regulator?If so how do we test and fix it?

There are several possible problems, but I would start with the basics. I know this sounds silly, but is the gas at the tank turned on? OK - assuming its not that easy, clean out the burner tubes to make sure spider webs or other obstructions are removed. Re-assemble and try again. If it still doesn't lite, try manually lighting it with a lighter or match. If it lights fine that way, its likely your cross-over ignition and you can just replace itGo to the Weber site and download your manual. It will have further trouble-shooting procedures, as well as the correct part numbers you will need for your grill.
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Low flame On my Weber gas Go-Anywhere grill the propane seems to be coming out very slowly. The flame is very small, even when turned on high, and only on the end opposite the propane tank and regulator. Should I replace the regulator, the tube, both, or get a new grill? Thanks

This problem most likely is with your regulator. if you decide to replace it please make sure you get the right size replacement. Some salespeople dont know the difference there are four common sizes from class 1 to class 4. If you take the old one with you make sure you match the numbers up with a new one. Hope this helps You please rate me.
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