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Gas leaking behind the handles along perforated pipe

When we turn on the gas and light the burner, shortly after the flame comes out behind the knobs, along the gas line, where it is perforated? ... please help..

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Gas leaking behind the handles along perforated pipe

Spiders get into the gas line and spin their webs causing the gas flow to be interrupted. Take the burner off and carefully remove the web. Replace the burner and it will work just fine.
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Marshall control valve . gas regulator valve

I went to Lowe's and bought a replacement regulator (I am not at home so I can not cite the model number - but drop me a note if you need it) and using the adapter off the original regulator, it works like new. dmanuel (see above)
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Gas Leak at the regulator. I just refilled my tank and after attaching it to the grill whenever I open the tank, gas immediatly pours out through a small hole (pressure relief?)on the back side of the regulator (opposide the inlet). Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

This may have been caused by the OPD valve in the gas tank and the way it was turned ON. It may or may not be correctable. However, lets give this a try.1. Turn the gas tank valve OFF and disconnect the hose from the tank. 2. Wait 5 minutes and reconnect the hose to the tank. 3. Open the tank valve VERY, VERY SLOWLY (Slow motion, slow). 4. Once the tank valve is fully open, check the regulator for leaks. If none are found proceed to the following. If there is a leak STOP & turn the tank valve OFF. And proceed to the last paragraph. Light the burner farthest from the tank first and set the burner control knob on HIGH. Does the flame height look correct for being set on HIGH? If so, light the remaining burners the same way. Do all the burner flames look correct? If so, you solved the problem. Remember, to always open the tank valve Very, Very Slowly. If that didn't solve the problem, you will need to replace the grill's Hose/Regulator Assembly. It runs about $30.00 at any home center or hardware store that sells grills & accessories. After you replace it, turn the tank valve ON Very, Very Slowly.I hope this helped you and thanks for choosing FixYa.
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Gas Grill Burners with yellow flames coming from beneath them

The flames should be blue and the burners clean. check gas pressure and the air mixture dampers. touch air will give you the same effect. if the burners are clean, it is the mixture. as far as the slots in the bottom. i have not seen that. but i work on commercial ranges.
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I have a ducane 3040040 lp grill. I cant get the burners to light. the ignitors are working and the give off about a 3 inch flame. gas is coming out of the orifices' but dose not seem to have alot of pressure behind it. I tried the reset procedure(turn all burners to high for one minute,then rehook up gas). I have also tried new burners but no dice.??

Hi, Your problem could be or probably is with the regulator...not enough gaspressure...Propane, LP, or Natural Gas Regulator Problems heatman101
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I have an older Genesis grill with a leaking regulator

You can get a replacement regulator at just about any home improvement store (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) There haven't been changes in the size of the ports or thread patterns on regulators or propane tanks in the last 15 years.
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20lb Propane Tank Testing. I'm new to this and am a little perplexed. My speculation: If I buy a new, filled propane tank, connect it to my barbeque through a pressure gauge and find it (80%) full, it can't have been leaking. If I then turn the tank valve off leaving pressure in the lines and the pressure gauge remains constant indefinitely, then the barbeque delivery piping can't be leaking either. So why do I need to do a soap and water leak test?

Mainly because LP is heavier than air. So instead of dissipating like natural gas into the atmosphere, LP tends to hang around and puddle up. That is why you always need to bubble test for leaks. On these newer tanks Mr Ralph Nader has been at work. New regulation shut down the gas internally if the gas goes out the bottle too fast. So it is best to have all valves closed and SLOWLY open the valve so you won't trip the safety device inside.
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Hello My side burner is leaking gas. I can hear the gas flowing even thought the knob is in the off position. But it doesn't click like all the other burners. Eddie

If the gas you hear is coming from the burner, rather than the side burner gas supply hos, the control knob may be stuck in the "IN" position. Turn the gas tank OFF, before attempting any repairs and disconnect the hose from the tank.Now that there is no pressure on the side burner control knob, try using it as you normally would. What you're looking for is full function of the knob. Push it it and turn it to the light position. Does the knob pop back out when you release it? If it does, that's a good sign. If memory service me correctly, the gas supply line to the side burner as a quick connect on the hose to connect it to the burner. if so, disconnect and reconnect it to the burner. Does the quick connect slide back into place and connect properly? If not, that is what's leaking. But, to make sure, there needs to be gas going to the grill. Reconnect the hose to the tank and open the tank valve VERY, VERY SLOWLY (Slow motion, slow). Once the valve is fully open, test the side burner hose connection and the hose (squirrels like to chew on the hose) by brushing on a soap & water solution to check for leaks. If you see bubbles that grow in size, that's a leak. Turn the gas tank back OFF. The side burner hose will need to be replaced.If there were no leaks on the connection, check the burner knob for operation. Does it operate like it should with no smell of leaking gas? If not, the control knob valve will need to be replaced.The parts you may need can be purchased from Ducane Customer Service 1-800-382-2637.I hope this helps you to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Thanks for choosing FixYa.
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I have a full propane tank. I bbq'd about 3 weeks ago, same full bottle. Grill will not light. Good spark at ignitor. Used lighter and lit for a few seconds with low flame on high. No other burners will light. I can hear/smell the gas. Checked for leaks, with non visible. Any suggestions?

Hello,You may have turned the gas tank valve on too fast. Turn it back off, disconnect it and reconnect it. Then very slowly turn the valve back on. Light one burner at a time and turn to low before lighting the next. If you are hearing and smelling gas with the tank on but all grill knobs off, don't use the grill. You may have a leaking grill valve, regulator or hose. If you are only smelling gas with the knobs on, it's possible you have a clogged burner or orifice from bug nests, spiderwebs, etc and need to clean it out first. Hope this helps. Douglas
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