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Burner adjustment I just replaced a gas manifold and the grill seems to work o.k.; however, there are some yellow flames (rather than blue) flaming up on some of the burners. There is an adjustable "air gap" where the gas valve enters the burner tube. What is the appropriate "gap" setting for this part ? or is this not causing the problem ? Any help will be appreciated !

Posted by MineEngr on Mar 08, 2008

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Burner adjustment I just replaced a gas manifold and the grill seems to work o.k.; however, there are some yellow flames (rather than blue) flaming up on some of the burners. There is an adjustable "air gap" where the gas valve enters the burner tube. What is the appropriate "gap" setting for this part ? or is this not causing the problem ? Any help will be appreciated !

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Burner Adjustment. I just replaced a gas manifold and the grill seems to work o.k.; however, there are some yellow flames (rather than blue) flaming up on some of the burners. There is an adjustable "air gap" where the gas valve enters the burner tube. What is the appropriate "gap" setting for this part ? or is this not causing the problem ? Any help will be appreciated !

You may be running lean. Add air until you have as much blue flame as you can get. Often, however, this is impossible on worn burners.
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I have a stainless steel Kenmore propane grill, model 119.16311800. It has four burners and a side burner on the left. It is two years old and has performed perfectly for two years. I am now having trouble with the flame. It will light and if I only have one burner on it will give a good flame. Lighting additional burners will reduce the flame size, when all four main burners are on they struggle to stay lit. We recently moved, and the grill was out of gas for an extended period. The problem first presented after a relative gave me a gas tank. Initial inspection showed some debris in the valve of the tank itself. I tried removing the debris from the tank with partial success. I connected it to the grill and had the same issue. Got a new tank. Fired up and cooked up some great burgers. thought I was all set until the next time when the new tank also produced the same results. I have not been able to disassemble the burners to check/clean the venturi tubes. (ever) It appears that there is a screw at the rear of the burners that will release it, but they are badly corroded and will not come out by standard means. If you could confirm this is indeed the proper way to remove the bruners I will drill them out and devise a better way to fasten them afterwards. Also, I did read here about opening the gas tank valve very slowly. I disconnected the regulator, waited a few minutes, reconnected and opened very slowly. Light the furtherst burner first and proceeded to find the problem still existed. I understand that the regulator may also be faulty. Given that there is no gauranteed life cycle for any product, can you estimate a typical life span for a regulator? How would I go about checking the regulator? I fear that when I tried to remove the gunk in that old tank some loose particals may have gotten into the regulator and damaged it. Thank you very much for any assistance you can give!

With all the you described, your best bet is to replace the grill hose/regulator assembly. It's not expensive and it's not difficult to do. You can find the hose/regulator assembly at any home center or hardware store that sells gas grills. The assembly is universal, but take your old one with you for comparison purposes.As far as replacing the burners are concerned, that's not difficult either. And you may be able to find the replacement burners at , as they made the Kenmore grills for Sears. And yes, the scenario you gave for removing the burners is correct.Hope this helped you and you will be kind enough to give my response to you, a positive rating.Happy Grilling!
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I have a Frigidaire 5 burner gas grill, natural gas. I recently had to replace the 3 burner part. When I put the part in, it fits perfectly; however, when I light the grill, flames seem to be coming out from the gas valve regulator rather than from the holes in the tube. Is there something I did incorrectly? What can I do to correct the problem? Thanks Terry

Hello,I will suggest you re-adjust the gas valve on the unit, it seems there is leakage somewhere on the unit. check properly to locate where the leakage is coming from.Take care.
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My Weber Q100 bbq's burner burns with a low flame with no significant difference between High and Low settings. My Calorgas agent tells me that there is sufficient gas in the bottle and that the regulator appears to work properly. The small brass valve dispensing gas into the burner tube is not blocked and the control knob also appears to work properly. The burner apertures are clear.

The problem you describe is indicating a malfaction of the gas valve the one you describe small brass valve. There are some specialist which can fix the valve like cleaning and adjusting but for the cost of your valve is better to replace it with a new one. Here we have a link with replacing parts for your model so if you are little handy you can replace it your self.
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I am in the process of replacing my burners on a Jenn Air model #7200063LP. The burners appear to slide into the gas feed tube on the front part of the grill and attached to the back part of the grill with a cotter pin connection. The opening from front to back due not allow for the space to enter in from the top. My question is what is the proper procedure to replace the burners?

Yes, there really is enough space. Remove the cotter pin(s) and while lifting up the end of the burner farthest from you, pull the burner up and out.To replace the burners, do the above in reverse. Just be sure the burner tube slides over the burner orifice, properly.Hope this helped you change the burners and Happy Grilling!!
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Poor Propane Gas FLow

Check the lines for a blockage check orffices are clean and the burners
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Poor Propane Gas FLow

The new style OPD valves have a small brass ring located in the female fitting on the LP tank. Over time this ring can work loose and then it does not allow the male fitting to fully depress the OPD valve thus reducing your gas flow Using a small flat bladed screw driver tighten the small brass ring This should solve your problem
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Viking grill connected to natural gas on 110v line. ignitors are sparking gas valve is on but no gas enters the flame tube. All burners have the same problem. Orafices are clean. please help

If the grill has a NG regulator, try replacing it.
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I am renting a condo with an old Weber Grill - 2 burner / LP (I think it is a Genesis Silver A ('00-01) model . I have very little gas pressure at the burner tubes. - Front tube flickers on/off with the front control turned on full; and - When the back tube is turned on there is not enough gas pressure in the manifold to keep the front tube burning. I have: 1) a full tank; 2) a working regulator; 3) cleaned out some sort of insect nest (spiders?) in the metal inlet tube between the regulator hose and the manifold. But still I have not improved the gas pressure at the tubes. I assume that: 1. There are nests in the manifold; and / or 2. Nest in front of the venturi nozzles in the burner tubes. Are these assumptions correct; and are the parts cleanable (they look reasonable rusted after 10 years); or should I just buy new burner tube kit and a new manifold kit?

Yes the best option for just for you is to buy a new burner,tube kit and a new manifold kit because all the things that you said you removed from the burner must have caused alot of rust on the burner and if you keep welding the burner there will still be linkage after awhile so the best thing is just for u replace the burner.
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