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Im trying to find a new regulator for my infarasonic portable.

Where can i purchase this part? is there a larger manufacturer that sells this piece to infrasonic? Josh

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Im trying to find a new regulator for my infarasonic portable.

Click here to see a parts list for your grill. Contact them to see if they can help you. Good Luck.
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Im trying to find a new regulator for my infarasonic portable.

I searched for months to find a regulator for mine. I ended up buying one from Home Depot, taking it apart, changing out the fitting with the one from my old part and then using it. Good luck on finding one. I do internet research for a living and couldnt find one. BTW, to my knowledge, infra-sonic does not have a website and there is no knowledge of a parent company to search for parts from.
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I have a stainless steel Kenmore propane grill, model 119.16311800. It has four burners and a side burner on the left. It is two years old and has performed perfectly for two years. I am now having trouble with the flame. It will light and if I only have one burner on it will give a good flame. Lighting additional burners will reduce the flame size, when all four main burners are on they struggle to stay lit. We recently moved, and the grill was out of gas for an extended period. The problem first presented after a relative gave me a gas tank. Initial inspection showed some debris in the valve of the tank itself. I tried removing the debris from the tank with partial success. I connected it to the grill and had the same issue. Got a new tank. Fired up and cooked up some great burgers. thought I was all set until the next time when the new tank also produced the same results. I have not been able to disassemble the burners to check/clean the venturi tubes. (ever) It appears that there is a screw at the rear of the burners that will release it, but they are badly corroded and will not come out by standard means. If you could confirm this is indeed the proper way to remove the bruners I will drill them out and devise a better way to fasten them afterwards. Also, I did read here about opening the gas tank valve very slowly. I disconnected the regulator, waited a few minutes, reconnected and opened very slowly. Light the furtherst burner first and proceeded to find the problem still existed. I understand that the regulator may also be faulty. Given that there is no gauranteed life cycle for any product, can you estimate a typical life span for a regulator? How would I go about checking the regulator? I fear that when I tried to remove the gunk in that old tank some loose particals may have gotten into the regulator and damaged it. Thank you very much for any assistance you can give!

With all the you described, your best bet is to replace the grill hose/regulator assembly. It's not expensive and it's not difficult to do. You can find the hose/regulator assembly at any home center or hardware store that sells gas grills. The assembly is universal, but take your old one with you for comparison purposes.As far as replacing the burners are concerned, that's not difficult either. And you may be able to find the replacement burners at , as they made the Kenmore grills for Sears. And yes, the scenario you gave for removing the burners is correct.Hope this helped you and you will be kind enough to give my response to you, a positive rating.Happy Grilling!
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Regulator broke I,m trying to find a new regulator for my George Forman grill . model no. GP160A. The regulator broke and can not find a new one any where

Hello. I don't know where the regulator is broken, but sometimes you can use a really stong adhesive called JB Weld. You can find it at most hardware stores. I gets almost as hard as a rock. This is a last ditch, desperate resort.
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Trying to fix 15 year old 1504shlpe grill. I need to change hose and regulator to new Type 1 connector; all new hoses have larger size fittings than original. Is there an adaptor, or can I find hose with original size fittings?

Good Morning,Yes, with the new laws that came out a few years ago for propane tanks for safety reasons, they have made it a pain in the **** for people who have had there grills and set ups for years. I don't know what state you live in, but i was in the same boat as you. I had a grill about ten years old, and what i did, in my town there is places that sell just barbeques and have a huge propane tank outside to fill the portable ones. I am sure if you look in your area, you will find these type of outlets, i see them all over with clever names. They are little outlets that sell barbeques and supplies, camping propane items. Point is these place have those change over kits. because they had to comply with the new safety propane hook up regulator, they have the change over kits, that are easy and fast to change over. Now of course, you might be able to find same kits at places like home depot, or lowels, but i would try more of a place like i said, or even outdoor sporting good stores. Almost anywhere they sell abundant supply of camping or fishing or propane type of items. I hope this helps. MIke
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Low Heat ? i have a brand new napoleon grills. paid a lot to get quality. I dont find it very performant. It seems there is heating problem. I read a lot about regulator reset. I tried it but im not sure of the results as the outside temp was very different yesterday (colder). One thing is sure : after 20 minutes lid close, my grills is at approx 500 NOT MORE. As soon i open the lid the temp fall down. My old broil King 159$ was topping 700 or even more in same circumstance. So what mean low heat in user manual ? Does 500 degree maximum is low heat or normal ? ?

Not sure what you're grilling, that would require 500 degrees or higher. Unless, you're really trying to char-broil and I do mean char. In any event, it may simply be the thermometer on the hood of your grill, reading incorrectly. Keep in mind, the thermometer is not reading the temp at the cooking grate surface, it's reading the air temperature when the hood is closed.I do a lot of grilling, I do grill shows for local food stores and I love to grill. But, I have learned to never rely on what the grill thermometer says. I use an oven thermometer that sits off to the side, on top of my grill grates. When I compare the temp on the grill thermometer to the oven thermometer on the cooking grates, there will be a difference of 50 degrees. Now, certainly the temp will drop some, when the hood is opened after preheating. That's normal. But the heat loss, at cooking grate level, is not more than 10 degrees, depending on the outside ambient air temperature. Of course if it's the dead of Winter, the temperature will drop significantly. In that case, grill with the hood closed 90% of the time.With all of the above said, what do the flames and flame heights look like on each burner? Do they respond as they should when you raise and lower the flames? If not, then you have a gas pressure problem. That can be resolved by turning OFF the tank valve, disconnect the hose from the tank and waiting 5 minutes. Then reconnect the hose to the tank and open the tank valve VERY, VERY, SLOWLY (slow motion, slow). Once the valve is fully open, light the burner farthest from the tank first and turn it to high. Do the flames look higher than they did previously? If so, light the remaining burners following the same procedure as the first burner. Do all the flame heights look correct. If so you solved the problem of low flame height.I hope all of this has helped you troubleshoot and solve the problem, if there is one. Please let me know. Thanks and Happy Grilling!!
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We have a brand new George Forman Grill2Go propane grill for outdoor use. We followed the directions for assemblying the regulator to the propane bottle, did the test for leaks, etc, But when we turned on the gas, used the igniter, nothing ignited. We turned it off for 5 min.& tried again...nothing. First time for portable gas grill use, but this shouldn't be hard. Any suggestions?

You got part of the solution correct. The 5 minute part, but you skipped a couple of steps.Turn the gas tank valve OFF. Disconnect the hose from the tank. Wait 5 minutes and reconnect the hose to the tank. Open the tank valve VERY, VERY, Slowly (Slow motion, slow). Once the valve is fully open, turn the burner ON and push the ignitor button. When the burner lights, turn it to it's highest setting. If you have 2-burners, light the second the same way you did the first one. Do all the flame heights look correct? If so, you solved the problem.If the above didn't solve the problem. you will need to replace the grill's hose/regulator assembly. As the OPD Valve in the gas tank, permanently locked up the regulator. Since your is a brand new grill with warranty that's enforce, contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Have you proof of Purchase handy, when you call them.Hope this helped you solve the problem. Happy Grilling!!
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New Charbroil gas regulator leaks

The connector on the grill side that connects to tank may be bad. Call manufacturer and they should send you a new hose and regulator for free since it is a new grill. If grill does the same then replace tank.
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We have an older Infra Sonic Grill that needs a new grate and drip pan. Can you tell me where I can find these items and what the cost would be? Thanks for your help.

I'm sorry to report that your grill or any later models are no longer being manufactured. Parts are almost nonexistent. There are some newer models still out there, that are being sold on the web, but when they're gone, that's it. Unfortunately, those who are selling these grills are not telling the buyers about this. I even checked my regular reliable sources for grill parts, but none were listed for Infra Sonic. There is a chance that a small metal fabrication shop could make these parts for you out of stainless steel. If that's the route you want to follow, take the old parts with you and ask for 304 Stainless Steel. It's a little pricey, but it will last forever.Hope this helped you in some way. Please let me know. Thanks.
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