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Clogged gas line new grill- our gas grill will not heat up properly it is relatively new and we bought it at home depot- help

Posted by NicoleinMD on Apr 13, 2008

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Clogged gas line new grill- our gas grill will not heat up properly it is relatively new and we bought it at home depot- help

Hello, Check a few things: Make sure your hose is not chewed or marred. Make sure you are turning the unit on and off correctly. Webers are different than other grills to turn on /off. Please check your manual for the instructions on how to do this. Another thing if this is propane it might be a spider in your grill that is clogging the unit for you. go to: weber website they will be able to help you.
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Weber Silver Genesis C regulator purging gas after reset process

This could be caused by a couple of problems. First the regulator could be bad, or the tank is getting to hot. Which causes the relief valve to open and release pressure. This will happen when weather outside is hot.
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We have a Weber Genesis Grill Silver and now we thought we needed gas and got a new tank. Okay now it will not heat up past 250 degrees. We found out about the trick with turning on the gas and whatever...but not this is a new problem. Any ideas why this stupid thing is not heating up?

Well, if turning OFF the tank valve, disconnecting the hose and wait 5 minutes before reconnecting it. And then, opening the tank valve VERY, VERY, SLOWLY (Slow motion slow) before lighting the burner farthest from the tank first and turning it to high didn't work. You need to replace the grill's hose/regulator assembly.You can purchase one at any home center or hardware store that sells gas grills and accessories. They run around $30.00. Be sure to take your old one with you for comparison purposes.Hope this helped you and Happy Grilling!!
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Weber genesis silver B won't get hotter than 450

Yes diaphram could be split causing vent to pass gas .
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I have a 3 or 4 year old Genesis Three Burner Weber Grill. The grill when turned on would only get up to about 250 to 300 degrees. I bought a new regulator and hose and it seems no gas was going to the flame tubes . . . no smell of gas. I bought another regulator and hose and no gas again. Then I turned the gas tank valve on slowly and the gas came out. I got the temperature up to 550 degrees. Great! The next time I turned the gas on and tried to start the grill, again, no gas flowing. I turned the tank valve on slowly several times but to no avail. What is the problem? Thanks, Alan

The gas in the bottle is not a just pure gas but it is contain also very small quantities of oils and dirt. So with long time use they are creating a thin layer over regulator and valve parts, like springs and injector rods which make them to stuck. This what is happening with th tank gas valve which you may turn the regulator but the inside parts are stuck. Sometimes if you hit a litle bit it can work again but this is not a solution. The solution is to replace the tank gas valve with new one. Also you should know that since you have this problem with tank valve then most posible to have also some problem with burners gas valves in the future. One way to avoid this and also with the new tank valve is when you realise that the gas tank is almost empty the is better to replace the tank since the last gas in geting out the most of the above mention oil and dirt and end on the valves.
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Weber Genesis Gas Grill won't heat up very high

Yes the control knobs are what controls the heat, its a saftey thing on the bbq so turn off tank undo gas from tank open knobs release gas from line , turn off control knobs , reconnect gas line to tank ,turn on slowly , turn control knobs to on and light,
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Our grill was assembled 1 year ago by home depot. we have used it 5 times since. the first two times it seemed to work perfectly. since it only incompletely heats and has a gurgling sound in the burner area when on. we have replaced the gas with a new full bottle, the next time it worked perfectly. however now it's doing the same thing. It will not heat up and has a gurguling sound in the burner area like its being blown by wind.

Turn on the burner that lights with the ignition, watch as the other burners come on, if the flame gets lower as each burner comes on, you probably need to replace the hose and regulator.
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We seem to be having the same problems as some of the others. Our sons bought this grill for my husband for Father's Day. I came assembled. There is a kink in the hose (the one that has to bend to attach to the center burner. So we are unable to get any gas flow to the grill. We went up to Home Depot with the slip to see if they would give us a new hose that was not kinked. However, every single Brinkman there had a kinked hose. The problem is that the hose it too short. It needs to span too big of a distance and then when it turns the corner to attach to the main central burner, it just kinks preventing gas from getting through. We are now looking for a replacement hose assembly. If we cannot find one, we will return the grill and get a different brand. Do you have any suggestions

Home Depot will not be able to help you with this. You should contact the manufacturer, Nexgrill, directly and see if they have longer gas lines as this seems to be common on this model of grill. There may have been enough complaints that Nexgrill has new lines available. This is also fairly common among all Chinese import grills that like to cut corners on costs.
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I installed a new 7509 ignitor on my 13 year old weber genesis gas grill and the gas does not ignite when pushing the ignitor button. I installed the ignitor with the box opening on the bottom and checked with a mirror and there is spark when the ignitor button is pushed. The burner lights with a match and the gas tank is full and turned on. Only thing I can think of is maybe the ignitor box opening needs to be turned toward the burner but I don't want to mess with it till I know for sure that is the problem. Any help much appreciated

If the spark you see is in the ignitor box and not at the burner(s), then there's a wire loose somewhere or the ignitor is not grounded properly. Also check to see if the ignitor tips in the grill next to burner(s) are covered with grease. If so, clean them with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. Check each ignitor wire at each ignitor , make sure they are secure,
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