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Low gas flow - low heat

I am running the Weber Q off of a 20 lb propane can with the adapter hose. It has worked fine for most of a tank. All of a sudden it stopped putting out full heat. One clue might be that if I turn suddenly from low to high there is a brief surge of gas that subsides after a second or so. It seems to me that this might be a problem with flow in the regulator. Could it be dirty? Defective? How do I fix it?

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Low gas flow - low heat

Hi Lyon,Yeah, it's the regulator. Fortunately, they're cheap and easy to replace!You can look on line for part number 80012. Or you can remove yours and take it to Home Depot or Lowe's in the outdoor cooking area and match up a replacement. <--- they're all the same... just make sure the compression fitting (the brass end) is the same size.The only other thing I could recommend is this... Turn the LP bottle completely off. Then completely remove the big plastic knurled knob from the tank. Now replace the knob back onto the tank (all the way and make sure it's tight). Then S L O W L Y turn the gas back on. Now try your pit. If you get the same flame, it's the regulator. If you get full flame, you just reset the safety device inside the tank. I'm betting regulator. Good luck and happy cookin'!SG
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My gas grill sprays alot of gas when i first turn it on, the has very low flame

Hi axmaster892You have a faulty gas regulator...********************************************* Gas Regulators are notorious for doing just what yours is doing.After sitting in the same position for a length of time they freeze in that position, then along comes a grain of sand, or other debris and blocks the gas flow.Remove the regulator if possible, if not try it in place with the tank removed.Get a plastic headed hammer and gently but firmly tap on the regulator, your trying to free up the diaghram inside.After tapping and freeing the regulator diaphram reinstall and you will be good to go.If this does not work, the replace the regulator as it is defective.Some regulators are ajustable, if you have one of those then try to adjust the regulator, you will see a cap on top of the regulator, that is where the adjustment screw is located.Please take time to rate meBud
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Not enough heat being generated

First things first. Make sure you didn't simply just the tank valve on too fast, causing the excess flow valve to cut-off gas to a trickle. Close tank valve, disconnect and reconnect and then open tank valve very slowly. If that doesn't solve the issue, seeing that you already replaced the regulator, then it's possible it wasn't converted properly. If he didn't change the orifices, leaving in the nat gas ones, then your flames would be large lazy yellow flames. If that's not the case, then it's possible he might have put in the incorrect size LP orifices based on a wrong figuring of BTU rating per burner. See if you can you find the BTU rating on the grill? How many burners are there? Does it state the BTU rating of each burner. If they are different sizes we will need to know BTU specifics for each burner, but if all are the same size, we can divide the total BTU by the # of burners for BTU rating per burner. Orifices have a # stamped on them, so see if you can read the #'s on the existing orifices. If he used the nat gas orifices and drilled them larger and installed a spud, which he redrilled for LP orifice size, then that stamped # won't matter. Something like this is a lot easier to trouble shoot in person! Using a small mirror, see what you can figure out on those orifices and we'll try to determine if they are correctly sized. Hope this helps.Douglas
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Low gas flow - low heat

The only way you can fix the low flame, low heat problem, is to remove the grill, take a medium sized paper-clip (staightened out) and clean out each individual hole on the steel burner, flame tube. (I'm sure there's a technical name for it). Since they (the holes on the flame tube) face up unprotected, directly under the grill cooking surface they tend to get blocked quickly with continous use and certain foods, like pork ribs. Bad design unless all you plan on grilling is hot dogs. There are about 500 individual holes, so plan on being there a while. Or in other words, do it close to the cooler. I've been tempted to toss the thing into the woods a bunch of times over the past 2 years I've owned the dumb thing. Good luck!
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The burners are no longer producing as much heat. There seems to b low gas flow. I have cleaned the entire grill interior including the burners. They do not seem to e blocked with any debris.

Turn off your LP gas Tank. Disconnect the hose from the tank. Wait 5 minutes and reattach the hose to the tank. Turn the tank valve on very very slowly, until it's all the way ON. Now, try lighting your burners one at a time and the flame height should be back to normal. Just remember to turn the tank valve on very very slowly each time, after you have turned the tank valve off.It that didn't solve your problem, your gas tank is probably empty. If thats the case, be sure you turn the filled or new tank on very very slowly.Let me know if this helped get you back to grilling.Rich
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Low flame Hard to start, flame is low, doesn't produce usual heat. I just put on a refilled tank, but that didn't seem to have any effect. Looks like the gas flow is somehow restricted. No kinks in the hose from the tank.

Try cleaning the holes in the burner with a cutting torch tip cleaner
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Flare behind temperature knobs on jenn-air gas grill

This seems to be a problem for most Jenn-Air users. The burners are defective, rusted or clogged and allowing the flame to "back up." You most likely have a melted electronic ignitor as well as gas valve damage. The new burners that I received this week for my model 720-0061-LP are 1/2 inch shorter than previous versions. Time will tell if this fixed the problem. I would call Nexgrill and get all new burners and inspect the gas valve area for damage. Since 2004, I am on my 5th set of burners, glad they were free since I have a lifetime warranty on my model.
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Low Heat ? i have a brand new napoleon grills. paid a lot to get quality. I dont find it very performant. It seems there is heating problem. I read a lot about regulator reset. I tried it but im not sure of the results as the outside temp was very different yesterday (colder). One thing is sure : after 20 minutes lid close, my grills is at approx 500 NOT MORE. As soon i open the lid the temp fall down. My old broil King 159$ was topping 700 or even more in same circumstance. So what mean low heat in user manual ? Does 500 degree maximum is low heat or normal ? ?

Not sure what you're grilling, that would require 500 degrees or higher. Unless, you're really trying to char-broil and I do mean char. In any event, it may simply be the thermometer on the hood of your grill, reading incorrectly. Keep in mind, the thermometer is not reading the temp at the cooking grate surface, it's reading the air temperature when the hood is closed.I do a lot of grilling, I do grill shows for local food stores and I love to grill. But, I have learned to never rely on what the grill thermometer says. I use an oven thermometer that sits off to the side, on top of my grill grates. When I compare the temp on the grill thermometer to the oven thermometer on the cooking grates, there will be a difference of 50 degrees. Now, certainly the temp will drop some, when the hood is opened after preheating. That's normal. But the heat loss, at cooking grate level, is not more than 10 degrees, depending on the outside ambient air temperature. Of course if it's the dead of Winter, the temperature will drop significantly. In that case, grill with the hood closed 90% of the time.With all of the above said, what do the flames and flame heights look like on each burner? Do they respond as they should when you raise and lower the flames? If not, then you have a gas pressure problem. That can be resolved by turning OFF the tank valve, disconnect the hose from the tank and waiting 5 minutes. Then reconnect the hose to the tank and open the tank valve VERY, VERY, SLOWLY (slow motion, slow). Once the valve is fully open, light the burner farthest from the tank first and turn it to high. Do the flames look higher than they did previously? If so, light the remaining burners following the same procedure as the first burner. Do all the flame heights look correct. If so you solved the problem of low flame height.I hope all of this has helped you troubleshoot and solve the problem, if there is one. Please let me know. Thanks and Happy Grilling!!
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Regulator doesn't allow gas to flow to grill . Grill cannot heat hot enough to grill steaks. Gas flows too slowly.

Shut off the gas at the tank and disconnect everything.Unscrew the plastic cap on the regulator. Inside is a flat screw top that has a single slot or an X-shaped slot. This is the pressure adjustment. It controls the diaphragm that regulates gas flow. Note where it's set. Use a Sharpie to mark the adjuster on its edge (place a dot there), and make a corresponding mark on the threads next to it. Next, use a large screwdriver or a coin to spin the adjuster counterclockwise three or four times. Pay attention to the number of turns. Now, screw it back in (clockwise) the exact same number of turns, stopping at the index mark you made. Next, turn the adjuster two turns clockwise, followed by two turns counterclockwise. The idea is to end up where it was originally set. This action unsticks the regulator's valve seat. Done. Put the cap back on, hook it all up, open the tank valve, and make fire. Oongawa! -Peegoo
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