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Tec grill problem

I bought a Tec Grill Patio 10 years ago and have been very happy with it. However, for the past two years it has been sitting and not being used. I have recently had a plumber come and get it up and running again. Although the valves have been replaced and the gas is getting to the ceramic tiles well, they don't get as red and cook as efficiently as they did before. My question is, do I need new ceramic tiles. They are not cracked and don't appear to be clogged with particles. On the lowest heat, the fire goes out. I converted to tank gas from natural gas from the house. Does that mak

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TEC Models: Patio II. Sterling II. Sterling III. Servicing infrared gas grills for many years, I have seen one problem with the infrared gas burner over and over again.
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1-16 of 27 results for "tec grill parts" Showing most relevant results. ... Allows you to cook eggs, bacon or more delicate items on your TEC infrared grill. Tec Grills

1-16 of 451 results for "Tec Grills" TEC G-Sport FR Propane Gas Grill On Stainless Steel Pedestal. by TEC $ 2,399 00. ... THIS PACKAGE MUST SHIP WITH YOUR REC TEC GRILL.

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. You are here. ... The Patio 1 FR Infrared Built In Propane Gas Grill from TEC provides a high end ...

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New FORMER TEC Grill Owner Sign in to follow ... i have been using this grill problem free since april of this year.the last 2 times the TEC burner has backfired ...
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Expensive TEC Grill Problem with Blowout After Ignition

HI nabber8391, I have a TEC Pattio II. I have owned the grill for almost 10 years and TEC grills have a ten year warranty on many of the parts including the burners. The burners on my grill have a ceramic inserts. The pop and loud whooshing noises indicate the ceramic insert or the seal on the burner is "cracked". I have replaced both of the inserts and burners on my grill once about 5 years ago under warranty. I have one burner now that will not stay burning and I contacted TEC today regarding the problem, and I will replace the ceramic insert only under warranty. . The newest TEC grills like yours have the TEC Radiant Glass Infra-red Cooking System with stainless steel burners with glass surfaces. I assumed this burner system had eliminated the problem of the burners going out with a loud boom. YOUR ONLY OPTION IS TO CONTACT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE GROUP AT TEC. THE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS 1-800-331-0097. TEC IS LOCATED IN COLUMBIA SC. TEC HAS A USEFUL WEBSITE. By the way, I paid $1400 for my TEC grill in 1999, but I believe the new TEC grills are better. I know I would not buy any other brand. One other thought, it is imperative that cleaning instructions are followed.
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Tec Grill Sterling Model won't stay lit

The dealer is right. The ceramic burner is cracked. It will need to be replaced -- pretty pricey. I have the same problem on my Sterling III. This DOES happen too often. My opinion is that this IS a manufacturing defect. I have called the company about it (they are in South Carolina) and they try to blame the user -- that would be us. Very unfortunate company chooses to act this way. You hear about this problem again and again and again -- it's their problem but sadly, they are making it ours. Remember that when you go grill shopping next time -- I know I won't buy a Sterling grill again. Ever.
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TEC grill I have a TEC Radiantwave grill; pilot light works, and everything is fine, but about 10 minutes into grilling, a loud pop sound happens and the burners go out,,,and you hear the propane blowing, the pilot light is on, and the bruners are out,,,has been occurring everytime i grill..Dennis

I have the same problem...just spent $1,000 on new parts and install two months ago...problem is back...they say liquids from meats, sauces and marinades contribute to problem clogging up pores in ceramic... i am trashing it and going for new model
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Right side burner failure on TEC Patio II

The mesh could be split or blocked burner needs cleaning .
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One of my burners quit heating at high temp after I blowed it out with a leaf blower?

Dirt dodders really..... well lets say there is a gauze in the burner that prevents light back this could be blocked or out of postion blowing out with air it may have moved it , If you are unable to fix this maybe a new burner would fix it , dirt dodders in 30 years of gas fitting I have never heard of it .
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Weber gas grill wont heat past 300 degrees

Are the fire red , orange or blue? must likely is the burner control. check the air control at the back of the burner control, it should be open all the way. it it is, then try another themostate.
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The heat on m Weber grill would not go above 250 degrees even when the grill was lit for 30+ minutes. I changed the gas supply hose and regulator & fixed the problem. The next time I used the grill the same problem is there. I used 3 full tanks and the problem did not go away. Any suggestions?

The new style OPD valves have a small brass ring located in the female fitting on the LP tank. Over time this ring can work loose and then it does not allow the male fitting to fully depress the OPD valve thus reducing your gas flow Using a small flat bladed screw driver tighten the small brass ring This should solve your problemIF not you might want to remove the cap (white) on your regulator and try slowly adjusting the regulator, make small adjustments and try the BBQ My Weber if I set the front and back burners to MED I get right at 350 degrees in 60 degree outdoor temps. Adjusting the regulator will take some time to get it right but If it is not your tank it is most likely your regulator out of adjustment
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Have a large mobile propane grill with burner problems

Ok, here is a check list for your most common gas grill lighting problems:1) Check your tank. Is it empty or nearly empty? The tare weight (T.W.) of your cylinder is stamped on the collar. This is the weight of your empty cylinder, usually around 18 lbs. Weigh it on your bathroom scale. Propane weighs 4.25 lbs/gal. If it weighs around 20 lbs or less - Refill it. If not, go to #2.2) Make sure you didn't turn the gas tank valve on too fast. Some gas hoses have a built-in excess flow valve that stops the flow of gas to a trickle if opened too fast. Close the tank valve and let sit for a few minutes. Or just disconnect it and reconnect it. Turn the tank valve very slowly and then try lighting it again. If it doesn't help, go to #3.3) Is the igniter sparking? Some are battery powered-check the battery or replace it. If you have a standard push button piezzo igniter or a rotary style igniter, check for spark. Can you hear or see the spark? It's hard to see the spark in bright daylight. It's easier to view the spark at dusk or dawn. It should spark an "arc" at the burner. If not, adjust it if necessary. The igniter wire may have a short, causing the spark to arc somewhere else along the wire and not at the burner. Replace igniter wire. It's also possible the igniter tip where it sparks has a cracked or broken porcelain portion of the igniter, causing the spark to not arc at the tip where it's supposed to. Replace the igniter piece. If not, go to #4.4) You may have a rusted, clogged or damaged burner or venturi tube. With a flashlight, check for spider webs, wasp nests or dirt (mud) dauber nests in the opening of the venturi tube where it connects at each gas valve orifice. Clean it out manually or blow it out with air compressor. Make sure the air adjustment opening (on the end of the burner's venturi tube) has not been changed. If it's closed too much, it will be difficult to light and cause lazy yellow flames. If it's not clogged, the burner may just be old and rusted and the burner holes are not allowing very much gas through anymore. It's also possible the burner has rusted so bad, the burner holes have been enlarged, it is falling apart or has cracks along the burner seams. If so, replace the burner(s) immediately. It is unsafe to use. Your local propane co can usually order the parts you need and some will even do the work, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. Bring with you the Make, Model and Serial number of the grill, so they can order the correct parts for your specific grill.Have a large mobile propane grill with burner prob - 2_bing.gifify whether it's natural gas or propane.5) If none of these resolve the issues you are having, it is also possible you have a faulty or defective regulator, which may mean replacement. If the pressure still seems too low and none of the above has helped, and you have a silver/gray regulator; many have an adjustment screw on the top center of the diaphragm. Remove the outer cap and turn the inside screw clockwise in 1/4 turns to increase the pressure until the desired flame size is accomplished. Flames should be as blue as possible, but will burn orange if there is food or drippings on it. Yellow flames are not good, and will soot up everything and not cook as hot as blue flames do. Yellow flames could mean you do not have the right air shutter adjustment, clogged burners, or possibly defective burners, as mentioned above in #4. 6) Also make sure you have the hose connection tightened snugly to the propane tank valve to ensure the inner valve seat is fully depressed allowing gas to exit fully without any restriction. The black plastic female fitting should be hand tightened only. Older versions that use a left-hand male brass POL valve, requires a 7/8 open end wrench or adjustable wrench to tighten.Hope this helps! Good luck in your trouble shooting! Douglas
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Last summer closed up grill had no not working

Unhook the tank and hook it up again being sure that the regulator is right side u p. these new grills have a safety valve that often partially closes and causes problems.
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