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Temp My Holland Grill lights and gets hot except the plate where you place the meat. Takes forever to cook anything. I have taken it apart, cleaned the screen and everything but still does not get hot.

Posted by Kyle33 on Apr 27, 2008

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Temp My Holland Grill lights and gets hot except the plate where you place the meat. Takes forever to cook anything. I have taken it apart, cleaned the screen and everything but still does not get hot.

Not sure on your climate. But a Holland grill cooks cooler in the coller months and Hotter in the hotter months. This type of grill doesn't reach a very high setting approx: 400 degrees. It might reach higher temperatures in the hotter weather 450-475 degrees. Also, it has to shut down the same way every time you use your grill. Here is a Tip to fix a grill that not getting hot: 1. Turn the gas valve knob off. then close LP tank valve knob. 2. Unscrew the plastic hose coupling knob from the LP tank. You may hear a slight "hissing" sound as pressure is released this is normal. 3.Wait a minute then screw the coupling knob back on to LP Tank. 4.With lid open.slowly open LP tank valve. 5.Relight the grill the proper way by turning gas valve knob to ON position while turning the igniter knob at the same time. 6.After you are sure the grill is lit preheat the grill for 30 minutes. This was called purging the line or releasing the air out of the line. Another thing your orifice could be clogged with spiders or dirt. If it is LP gas check to make sure your hose is not kinked. Hollands are known for the slow cooking process and a Healthy way of cooking!
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My grill used to get hot but now is will not get above 300 degree

There is a crossover on the burner take burner out you will see a line near the top of the burner take a hacksaw and run it through it
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My Weber Silver grill is only getting to 270 - 300 degrees. I followed the vapor lock directions and even took apart the burner tubes and cleaned them out and the insect screens are clean. Yet the temperature doesn't get above 300 degrees

Hi,Your problem could be or probably is with the regulator...not enough gaspressure...Propane, LP, or Natural Gas Regulator Problems heatman101
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Black smoke Our grill is emitting black sooty smoke to the point our meat gets covered with black. We have taken the coals and deflector plate out and cleaned everything. Nothing helps. We do get flame throughout the burners. Are the burners bad or is it some other problem?

Your gas pressure to the grill may be too low. This can be caused bu low supply pressure from the source. Or it could be the cause of a faulty pressure regulator which is attached to the supply line. This is the circular grey coloured metal thing on the supply hose. This can not be repaired, only replaced. Home Depot carries a generic replacement part if you cannot find a supplier locally.
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I cleaned my grill to try and solve this problem. I blew out the burner and there's no debris in it. I put everything back and connected to the propane. I still only get a flame that is on low. Can't get a high flame.

To get a high flame, do the following:Be sure you have adequate gas in the tank to maintain combustion. If that checks out OK, start with step # 1. 1. Turn the gas tank valve OFF and disconnect the hose from the tank. 2. Wait 5 minutes and reconnect the hose to the tank. 3. Open the tank valve VERY, VERY SLOWLY (Slow motion, slow). 4. Once the tank valve is fully open, light the burner farthest from the tank first and set the burner control knob on HIGH. Does the flame height look correct for being set on HIGH? If so, light the remaining burners the same way. Do all the burner flames look correct? If so, you solved the problem. Remember, to always open the tank valve Very, Very Slowly. If that didn't solve the problem, you will need to replace the grill's Hose/Regulator Assembly. It runs about $30.00 at any home center or hardware store that sells grills & accessories. If you replace it, turn the tank valve ON Very, Very Slowly. Hope this helped you to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Happy Grilling!! Thanks for choosing FixYa.
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Low flame I have a Frigidaire 4 burner LP gas grill that does not get hot past the low end of the "Grill" meter when all 4 burners are on. When all burner are turned to high you barely see any flame. When I turn on any 1 of the 4 burners you at least see a flame better than before but still not good. The unit is sealed other than looking at the burners. I have tried the following: 1 Looked for a kink in the hose 2 Check the gas tank (put a new one in also) 3 Cleaned the gas lines

Thanks for your question!I'm sorry that you haven't received an answer yet.The response rate on FixYa FREE questions is usually over 80%, but sometimes questions go un-answered when:1. the question is unclear, incomplete, or poorly worded...2. the question is mis-categorized - so the correct experts aren't viewing it...3. the question requires an answer for something that cannot be explained online adequately...4. specific training, tools, or equipment are required to avoid injury or death...5. the Experts that are online simply don't have the resources to answer your question fully...Please feel free to re-work your question if you feel one of these may be the reason.Of course you are not required - but converting your question to a PAID one usually increases the reply rate as well.Normal rates for FixYa are...$ 9.99 answer for one question.$12.99 Live Real-Time online chat or premium e-mail support.$29.99 Live Real Time phone supportSometimes FixYa will run specials for unlimited questions via monthly subscription or reduced rates for limited periods.Consider the savings that can be had when an informed Expert can save you a $100 service call, or a $350 trip to the car dealership.Your problem solved - guaranteed! Or your money back!!If you don't want to pay - feel free to re-submit your question so it returns back to the top of the work queue if you still need help.Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for helping with your FREE question
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Flames only come out very low on both sides

Disconnect tank, hook tank back up, then open valve slowly. When opened to fast it thinks valve is leaking and shuts down.
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Grill won't heat up. Before, wouldn't get over 250, now, after my repair attempt, won't heat, at all. Will light with match. I went through the procedure of disconnecting the tank, turning controls to high, waiting and trying again, per the manual. I then took it all apart. The burners looked clean as did the spider screens. What else can I try?

Since you've done all the other things I would have recommended, it sounds like the grill hose/regulator is bad. It's all one unit, so you'll have to buy the whole thing. Lowe's and Home Depot sell generic brands that will fit your grill. Make sure you the hose/regulator with you when you go shopping, as you want to be sure to get the right length and the correct fitting size for you grill. Remember a little longer hose is alright. Shorter than yours isn't.One final thing. When you went thru the procedure of turning the tank off and disconnecting the hose from the tank, waited 5 minutes and reconnected it. Did you turn the tank valve on VERY, VERY SLOWLY or just turn it on like you had in the past? If you just turned it on like you have in the past, that still could be the problem. You may want to try using a new tank, as the OPD Valve in the existing one may be bad. It's rare, but it can happen.
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My Weber gas grill never gets hotter that 250-300 degrees. I have followed the troubleshooting steps to ensure the safety has not engaged, I have cleaned out any and all insects, but still this grill has never been as hot as it should from the day i purchased it. Please help

Could be the regulator I replaced the one on my twenty plus year old weber and now it works fine
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