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Ignitor not working

Hello. I just purchased this grill used. The seller stated the lighter did not work. I replaced the battery-no success. I am unable to locate an owner's manual and am unfamiliar with grills in general. Thanks, Jason

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Reset the electric igniter on your gas furnace to determine if the igniter is working. A reset button is generally located at the furnace burner.
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When a gas-fired heating appliance stops working the problem may be with the igniter, not other gas valve components. ... or loose the igniter may not work reliably.
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When a gas range's oven is not working I frequently hear the question, ... The ignitor not glowing could be caused by the ignitor or the gas valve being open ...
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Jan 26, 2010 · Grill Parts Ignitor is Not Broken. Posted on January 27, 2010 by grillrepair As a ... If it does not ignite the grill, it is not working.
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This tutorial explains how to evaluate problems and repair your solid state electronic ignition gas furnace.
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Jun 06, 2013 · If the igniter or electronic ignition on your grill isn't working, chances are you do NOT need to shell out for new grill or a new igniter switch.

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Grill ignitor not working. Kenmore liquid porpane gas grill 122.16641900 the ignitor has stopped working. I ordered a new part and the new ignitor doesn't match the ...
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Nov 19, 2011 · Here is an easy fix if you hear the ignitor "clicking" but not ... Gas Stove Ignitor and Burner Not ... Gas Stove Top Burners Not Lighting / Not Working ...

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Several times now my gas burners simply will BARELY work at all. I have recently cleaned everything and have two tanks full of new LP - I tried both of them - NO GO. I took a wrench and tapped HARD on the regulator - no go. We cooked our steaks inside, 3 hours later I went outside to put away the grill and I tried to start it - IT WORKED - WHAT IS UP? Do I need to replace the regulator? Is so, can I cut into and splice the gas lines or do I need to replace the entire harness? I have a 4 burner gill+rotissarie burner+side burner. {By the way - the side burner did light this evening when the 4 burners had maybe 1-3% of their power - what's up with this?

Hi, Your problem could be or probably is with the regulator...not enough gas pressure...Propane, LP, or Natural Gas Regulator Problems heatman101
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I have a kenmore gas grill that has the side burner. Up until recently, it has been working great. However, now the main grill won't light when pressing the ignition button but the side burner lights instead (something we rarely use!!). We can manually light the grill but it is only 1 1/2 years old - help! Thank you! DMac

More than likely, the electrode spark ignitors on your main burners need to be cleaned. They will get covered with grease over time. Also check the wiring from the ignitor module to each spark ignitor being sure that all wiring is firmly in place. To clean the electrode(s) ... a cotton ball dipped in alcohol will work fine.Hope this helped you solve the problem and Happy Grilling!
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Ignitor not working

I'm sure you have fixed yours by now, but if not, make sure the igniter wire is about 1/8" to 1/4" away from the fitting so it can produce a large enough spark to ignite it. Hope this helps!
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I have a Kenmore Quantum grill and all of a sudden the burners do not want to ignite. The propane tank is new. I tried with a lighter to ignite the burners and nothing. The ignitor button doesn't work anymore either, but usually lighting it with a lighter worked.

The problem you're having is related to the OPD Valve in the Propane Tank. But, it is solvable by following the instructions below. 1. Turn the gas tank valve OFF and disconnect the hose from the tank. 2. Wait 5 minutes and reconnect the hose to the tank. 3. Open the tank valve VERY, VERY SLOWLY (Slow motion, slow). 4. Once the tank valve is fully open, light the burner farthest from the tank first and set the burner control knob on HIGH. Does the flame height look correct for being set on HIGH? If so, light the remaining burners the same way. Do all the burner flames look correct? If so, you solved the problem. Remember, to always open the tank valve Very, Very Slowly. If that didn't solve the problem, you will need to replace the grill's Hose/Regulator Assembly. It runs about $30.00 at any home center or hardware store that sells grills & accessories. If you replace it, turn the tank valve ON Very, Very Slowly. Hope this helped you to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Happy Grilling and thanks for choosing FixYa.
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KENMORE Gas Grill 141-152210 Kenmore 437 sq. in cooking will only heat to 250 degrees

Sudsy, this exact same thing would happen to me every time I changed a tank. I know it's nothing to do with the grill itself. I would have to seat and reseat the regulator hose to the tank a couple of times before it would start heating normally. Your model has 3 burners and I suspect that the flame is real low on each one even on the high setting. Try connecting and disconnecting the tank a couple of times and see if it comes to life. If worse comes to worse you can order a new regulator hose. Part number P3632L. back.
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Our grill was assembled 1 year ago by home depot. we have used it 5 times since. the first two times it seemed to work perfectly. since it only incompletely heats and has a gurgling sound in the burner area when on. we have replaced the gas with a new full bottle, the next time it worked perfectly. however now it's doing the same thing. It will not heat up and has a gurguling sound in the burner area like its being blown by wind.

Turn on the burner that lights with the ignition, watch as the other burners come on, if the flame gets lower as each burner comes on, you probably need to replace the hose and regulator.
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Kenmore LPG Grill Model 141.16313800 I last used this grill 2 weeks ago and there are no problems. Yesterday I tried to use it but I can't light the grill. So I replaced the propane tank (the old one feels like it's not empty). After trouble shooting as per manual, the grill still fails to operate. The burners are not plugged. New battery installed for the ignitor and they spark when checked. Already purged air from the gas line. When I check if there are any obstruction in the gas line, I did not smell the LPG before I reconnect it to the grill. Please help. Many thanks!

Relace your propane regulator, they do go bad form sitting around, had the same problem you have. you should be able to disconnect from the grill, turn on the regulator and smell the propane, if not it's bad.
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Replacing ignitor battery

Has it got a battery or has it got a Pitzo crystal? They eventually wear out, you may need to replace the ignitor button unit.
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Continously firing ignitors???

Hi, This spark module has a feed back from each of burner igniters and when it senses the flame - it stops sparking.Most likely you switched around the wires from the front burner igniters and the spark does not receive the right input.If you turn on both front burners at the same time - does it stop sparking?If it does, just switch the wires around If it doesnt stop sparking, then Check the electrical connection to the stove for possible reversed polarity and proper grounding.Check all burner igniters for any damages (cracked or broken ceramic insulation).Check all burners for proper assembly. Check if the burner cap is in place on every burner.Clean all burner igniters, using a rubbing alcohol. To check the burner ignitor switch A good place to start would be the burner ignitor switches.Each burner control has a switch with two wires going to it. (One at a time) You can remove one wire from each switch to see if the sparking stops.If so then you have a shorted burner ignitor switch. Make sure the metal tip of the wire doesn’t touch you or ground. Another possibility is a spilled liquid or a cleaning stuff could get inside a switch, causing a short. Please leave me comment, if you need further assistance Rnj VINODKUMAR
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Ignitors are sparking, but it appears gas not flowing.

There are a number of factors that can affect gas flow. #1. is the tank valve open? #2. check the POL spud [the thing that screws into the tank] for mud or anything that might plug the hole. #3. the regulator may be stuck, take a butter knife and tap the regulator with the handle lightly [that's the disc shaped thing that the POL is attached to]. #4. check the burner tube for restrictions such as a spider web or mud dauber nest
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