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No gas getting to bbq

I have a 1 year old Brinkman BBQ. . It was working just fine. Someone else was using it ,then complained it wasn't working. They filled to propane tank but the BBQ will not light. It seems no gas is getting to the burners.. Is it posible they had burners turned on when they put full tank on BBQ ,and now the tank will not allow propane to go to the burners? If so what is the solution? Don

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Having a birthday BBQ from my wife's 30th bday this weekend. I'm using the newly bought Cuisinart C782IR BBQ from a few weeks ago (floor model). I
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Tools & BBQ Utensils. Basting Brushes; ... Home › Help › All Help Topics › Gas Grill Support. ... You are either out of gas or your excess flow valve ...
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You are either out of gas or your excess flow valve tripped. First check for gas in your cylinder. Typically a full cylinder weighs about 34 pounds and about 17-18 ...
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A natural gas bbq offers many advantages. Unlike propane, there's no risk of ever running out of gas.
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The house we bought in Nov 2014 was plumbed in for LP gas. There is a 500 gal tank outside with a regulator connected to a 1" supply to the house. Once at the house ...
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I recently purchased a Charbroil 463270309 CB Outdoor Gas Grill that I converted to natural gas. Not only am I somewhat new to the world of BBQ (briquets) but I am completely clueless about using a gas grill. The top grill area (where the meat sits) is directly over the gas burners and I am concerned about the fat and meat juices dripping and clogging them. Also, is there a way to add mesquite flavor? Are there any good books that you would recommend that would give me instructions and explain my options? I love BBQ so much and I want to get started using it but I don't want to jump into this without instructions and then end up ruining my new grill. Thanks so much for your help!! Wish I could thank you by having you over for some BBQ when I get it figured out! :-)

Jamie, grilling can really be fun and rewarding, There is a slight learning curve and there may be a charred steak or two, but that's part of the learning experience.First, let me address the a couple of things for you. You DO NOT use briquet's of any sort with this grill.The other concern you had was the meat juices dripping down onto the burners and clogging them. Unless you're missing some parts ... there should be 4- metal tent looking parts called Flame Tamers or Flavorisers (depends on who the manufacturer is) that sit over top of each burner and prevents grease from getting directly on the burner. Once hot, the grease vaporises when it hits these and sends the juicy flavor back to whatever you're grilling. It also helps prevent flare ups to a point.Since you're new at gas grilling, one of the most important things is properly preheating the grill , with the hood/lid closed. This may take any where from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how hot you want the grill surface. In your case, since it's a Natural Gas Grill, it will take bit longer to preheat, as compared to a Propane Gas Grill. That's because, Propane burns cleaner and hotter in an outdoor environment , than Natural Gas.As far as recipes and grilling tips are concerned, there are some in your Owners Manual as well as Watching Food Network, can provide you with a wealth of information from shows like "Down Home with the Neally's", "Boy Meets Grill " with Bobby Flay, as well as "Good Eats" with Alton Brown.If there is one other thing to point out, it's cleaning and maintaining your grill. If you stay ahead on the cleaning, it won't be such a chore. Generally, I recommend using a brass bristle grill brush, dipped in cold water, to clean the grates right after you've finished grilling. The burners are OFF but, the grill grates are still hot. Dip the grill brush in cold water and run the brush across the grates. The steam this generates will clean the grease right off. And it only take a few swipes and about 3 minutes to complete. Oh, one other thing ...If you haven't already, invest in a high quality cover for you grill. Believe me, the investment is worth it's weight in gold..Well, I hope all of this has proved to be informational and that you will come to enjoy grilling.Good luck to you and Happy Grilling!!
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Where on line can I get the Diagram for VM400XBN

You might check frm and tractor supply stores for the line you need for the propane hok up they would be most likely to carry that part. as far as the other parts you have i dont know knowwhat you have to put back on the grill.
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How do I replace ignitor switch in thermos gas grill, if this is what is what I saw?

The switch is a button on a black box that holds a battery. The igniter is connected to the switch with a wire. If the wire is broken, you need to replace the whole igniter. The igniter (with wire) and the switch are both available for a few dollars pretty much anywhere that sells gas grills.
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Hi i have been getting my bbq gear ready for the spring but i can not find the gas hose with the conector to push in to my george foreman carry it and grill it out door gas powered bbq grill model no 11413 do you know as to were i can get a new connector for it please thanks billy

I have the exact same problem have not found the required parts yet :/
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No gas getting to bbq

I switched to the new style 20# tank with the new turn-on knob.  I couldn't get enough gas pressure to the BBQ burners for all three burners to light or to keep a strong flame on even one burner.  The new style tanks have a safety valve on the inside of the tank that shuts the gas off if you turn the knob on too fast because the safety valve thinks there is leak.  Shut everything off and then try turning the knob on real slow, especially at first, before turning it all the way on.  If that doesn't work (it didn't for me), then replace the large plastic connection valve knob (female end) that attaches the regulator to the tank.  Mine was for the old style tank and was black (low pressure).  I went to a propane company and had them replace it with a green knob (higher pressure).  Took it home and WALA!  Everything works fine now.  But it was very frustrating trying to figure why I couldn't get any gas to the burners after buying a brand new tank.  I hope this helps solve your problems.   
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Not Hot! Hello! We have a Thermos Grill 2 Go gas BBQ given to us as a promo item without warranty info and its been in the cupboard four a couple of years as when we tried to use it it didnt get hot enough to cook a sausage! The flames stayed really small - we'd like to get it going properly,any tips? thanks Alison

I am in New Zealand and have the same problem however my gas repair shop advised that these machines are designed for HIGH PRESSURE gas bottles and not the ones used in Australia & NZ - we have been well & truly conned into buying these as they will not work down here & the firms selling them need reporting..
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I have a Thane Q BBQ Grill and don't have a manuel and all the posts say to go to a web site but still not able to get a manuel. It has tank of gas The striker strikes but will not light. Any solution. Cannot smell any gas coming thru. Thank you for any help.

This is a solution to the same problem for full size LP gas grills, but it will work for your grill, too. Assuming there is gas in the cylinder (?). Turn the gas valve OFF and remove the cylinder. Wait 10 minutes and reinstall the gas cylinder.Ope the gas valve VERY, VERY SLOWLY (Slow motion, slow). Once te vales is fully open turn the valve back 1/4 turn. Now, light the burner and turn it to HIGH. Did the burner light and does the flame height look correct? If so, you solve the problem.If the above didn't work, either the cylinder of gas is empty or the regulator on the grill is locked up permanently and will need to be replaced.Hope this helped you and Happy Grilling. Thanks for choosing FixYa.
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Gas BBQ - Won't light

Hi Be sure the thermostat or heat dial is set properly. If the appliance has a pilot light, be sure it's working. make sure that you connected the pipeline correctly open the faucet of the tank try to fire it up ? working ? good... NO???? close everything(faucets,plugs...) your new tank that you connected is empty.... it happens.... have a good 1
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We have permasteel gas BBQ grill. grill can be lighted up, but gradually died off. It seems that no enough gas pressure and flows. The regulator gets iceing and cold.

Too much gas passing from reg causing freezing of gas reg or line or check for gas leak on reg , reg could be stuck open again too much gas pasing .
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BBQ Galore Capt'n Cook 4 burner gas grill won't get hot.

Most modern gas regulators have a safety feature to prevent gas left on. If you shut off the tank first and then turn off the burners, it will trigger and keep the gas flow at a very reduce flow to prevent you from turning on the tank again with the burners left on and not realizing it. Turn everything off and then turn on tank first, followed by the burners and this will solve most problems of a low flame or a bbq that won't get hot.
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