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Low temperature I can not seem to get the smoker temperature over 220 degrees. I used the water pan method with 13 lb turkey & even after 12 hours, the bird still wasn't done. This also happened with salmon but the outside temperature was cool. The temperature when the turkey was smoked was 80 degrees. I must be doing something simple wrong. I opened the door to add air to the chamber, the heat stayed the same. Please help as my BBQ reputation is on the line. Ann P.

Posted by apennington on Sep 22, 2008

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Smoking Times and Temperatures Chart for Beef, Pork & Poultry

Salmon Filet; Smoker Temperature: 220°F: ... Not nearly the 12-20 hours in the guide. This has happened with ... try not to exceed 12 to 13 pounds on a turkey to be ...
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... own or have used the Masterbuilt electric smoker. ... Also the water pan, you don’t need a lot of water ... 12 lb Turkey, together @ 225deg for 8 hours ...
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You can do the same in a water smoker, where the water pan acts as a heat ... 10 to 12 1/2 hours for a 10 lb ... size of the bird and temperature of ...
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Brining Meat - The Complete Guide -

1 12- to 14-lb. turkey ... cool to room temperature, ... I coat baby back ribs with rub and use the 2 2 1 method on an offset smoker at 220 degree temp, ...
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Ceramic Charcoal Cooker FAQ -- The Naked Whiz's Ceramic ...

... a certain number of hours of low temperature ... Egg won't get as hot as it used to. Not enough ... can boil some water in a pan and stick the ...
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The Food Timeline: history notes-meat

... often from 80 to 85 degrees C. for roasts and from 95 to ... Add water. Heat uncovered over medium ... (reserve roasting pan) and let meat cool to room temperature.
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Perfect Smoked Trout Recipe Posted on July 2013 by Bradley Smoker

... smoked salmon,” made by smoking salmon over low heat on ... Used mesquite chips. 13 lb turkey, ... at least 6 hours. Light your smoker to 220 degrees and mix ...
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Low temperature I can not seem to get the smoker temperature over 220 degrees. I used the water pan method with 13 lb turkey & even after 12 hours, the bird still wasn't done. This also happened with salmon but the outside temperature was cool. The temperature when the turkey was smoked was 80 degrees. I must be doing something simple wrong. I opened the door to add air to the chamber, the heat stayed the same. Please help as my BBQ reputation is on the line. Ann P.

I have the same smoker but not this problem. Is it possible that you have not let the coal get hot enough prior to putting your meat in it. When I feel that the temp is not hot enough I try to leave a little crack with the lid to allow air to flow from bottom to top stoking the coal. When you get the nack of it, this thing cooks an awesome turkey.
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I have a Weber Grill I purchased in 1999. It has been a dream to use except at Thanksgiving. The first time I used it for a turkey in 2000 it was fabulous; I follow the directions for indirect grilling. Since then there have been years when the grill doesn't get the job done. It takes a lot longer to cook the turkey and on one occasion it was not done well enough after adding two hours. Does the ambient temperature effect Grilling? My brother and I do the grilling together and we think it could be that when the weather is chillier the grill does not work as well. Is there a formula that we could use to address the temperature of the air? I live in Tucson, AZ and our temperatures are usually in the low 60's when we grill. We could plan to have dinner ready at an earlier time to insure a better grilling. Can you help?

Ambient temperatures can affect the heat level of your grill, but if it is a few years old there could be other issues. For temperature reading, you can pick up an inexpensive oven thermometer (less than $10) that you put inside on the shelf and let it sit a few minutes, then read your temp. With use and age it is very common for some of the holes on the burners (where the gas comes out and burns) to get filled up with drippings from the food you have cooked. It might be a good idea to take out your cooking grids, flavor bars or briquettes and expose the burners. Light them and see if you are getting an even flame all the way across. If not, then they should be removed and cleaned out. You may use a wire brush on the outside and then you may have to use a small nail or something similar to open up the holes where the gas comes out. Lastly, you should lightly tap the end on concrete or something hard (while having the open end pointing down) to knock loose any sediment that may have built up inside. Reinstall them and relight them and check your work. You may have to re-poke the holes a couple of times and shake it out to get them all clear. Reassemble your grill and it should work like new again!
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Frustrated-please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the charcoal brinkman smoke n grill, had the same problem until i found the grill they are working on is a little different from mine but i used the same idea and added 4 holes in the bottom of the charcoal bowl with a 9/16 bit. This will fix your temp problems but will give you another one......the charcoal ash falls on the ground. To fix this i went to Lowes and bought a 24" water heater pan to sit the grill in to catch all of the ash. Also I found the weber charcoal grate at my Ace Hardware here in Cypress Tx. Good luck!!
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We have a Big Easy oil-less turkey frier & it won't stay lit. It's 37 degrees out. Would that be an issue? When valves are open, can't hear gas coming through. We've only used the propane tank one other time & had issues keeping it lit then. Please help! Thanks!

Yes, the outdoor temperature and any wind could play a role in it. Check to be sure that there's enough gas in the tank, to sustain the burner flames. These cookers use a lot of gas. Also, check the air intake shutter valve (where the tank hose connects to the burner). It may need adjusting to get the proper mixture of gas to air ratio. Consult your Owners Manual for the proper setting.Hope that helps. Please let me know.Rich
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Flare behind temperature knobs on jenn-air gas grill

This seems to be a problem for most Jenn-Air users. The burners are defective, rusted or clogged and allowing the flame to "back up." You most likely have a melted electronic ignitor as well as gas valve damage. The new burners that I received this week for my model 720-0061-LP are 1/2 inch shorter than previous versions. Time will tell if this fixed the problem. I would call Nexgrill and get all new burners and inspect the gas valve area for damage. Since 2004, I am on my 5th set of burners, glad they were free since I have a lifetime warranty on my model.
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Heat and flame not as high as last year

Http:// This is what you need, Taking a air hose to regulators or controls at high force can severely Damage them.
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Low Heat ? i have a brand new napoleon grills. paid a lot to get quality. I dont find it very performant. It seems there is heating problem. I read a lot about regulator reset. I tried it but im not sure of the results as the outside temp was very different yesterday (colder). One thing is sure : after 20 minutes lid close, my grills is at approx 500 NOT MORE. As soon i open the lid the temp fall down. My old broil King 159$ was topping 700 or even more in same circumstance. So what mean low heat in user manual ? Does 500 degree maximum is low heat or normal ? ?

Not sure what you're grilling, that would require 500 degrees or higher. Unless, you're really trying to char-broil and I do mean char. In any event, it may simply be the thermometer on the hood of your grill, reading incorrectly. Keep in mind, the thermometer is not reading the temp at the cooking grate surface, it's reading the air temperature when the hood is closed.I do a lot of grilling, I do grill shows for local food stores and I love to grill. But, I have learned to never rely on what the grill thermometer says. I use an oven thermometer that sits off to the side, on top of my grill grates. When I compare the temp on the grill thermometer to the oven thermometer on the cooking grates, there will be a difference of 50 degrees. Now, certainly the temp will drop some, when the hood is opened after preheating. That's normal. But the heat loss, at cooking grate level, is not more than 10 degrees, depending on the outside ambient air temperature. Of course if it's the dead of Winter, the temperature will drop significantly. In that case, grill with the hood closed 90% of the time.With all of the above said, what do the flames and flame heights look like on each burner? Do they respond as they should when you raise and lower the flames? If not, then you have a gas pressure problem. That can be resolved by turning OFF the tank valve, disconnect the hose from the tank and waiting 5 minutes. Then reconnect the hose to the tank and open the tank valve VERY, VERY, SLOWLY (slow motion, slow). Once the valve is fully open, light the burner farthest from the tank first and turn it to high. Do the flames look higher than they did previously? If so, light the remaining burners following the same procedure as the first burner. Do all the flame heights look correct. If so you solved the problem of low flame height.I hope all of this has helped you troubleshoot and solve the problem, if there is one. Please let me know. Thanks and Happy Grilling!!
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Genn-air LP Gas grill will not heat up over 300 degrees. Last season it could heat up to 500 degrees in a short time. What should I try.

Clean out the burners and make sure the holes are clear
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Does not stay lit. It heats up, runs for a minute

You are having a common problem with gas grills. Click on my username and scroll down my profile to find my tips and tricks for trouble shooting common gas grill lighting issues. Hope one of them helps.
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Cannot get temperature over 300 degrees anymore

It was the regulator bypass.For details see:
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