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Low flame When i light the grill the flame is very low and takes awhile for the temp to rise.Their is plenty propane in the tank

Posted by hkoehler on Sep 23, 2008

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... or burn with a very low flame. It can take over an hour to vent the air from a non-purged propane tank through a grill's ... inside the tank to rise and ...
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My propane grill will light but won't get hot Archived ... The tank "feels" heavy like there is plenty of propane in it. ... I would only get a low flame.
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Low flame When i light the grill the flame is very low and takes awhile for the temp to rise.Their is plenty propane in the tank

If your propane tank is mounted in a movable drawer, your supply hose from tank to grill has probably kinked. Jenn-Aire and Ducane is notorius for this but they say it is not a problem. I'm replacing with a longer and more flexible hose.
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My gas grill sprays alot of gas when i first turn it on, the has very low flame

Hi axmaster892You have a faulty gas regulator...********************************************* Gas Regulators are notorious for doing just what yours is doing.After sitting in the same position for a length of time they freeze in that position, then along comes a grain of sand, or other debris and blocks the gas flow.Remove the regulator if possible, if not try it in place with the tank removed.Get a plastic headed hammer and gently but firmly tap on the regulator, your trying to free up the diaghram inside.After tapping and freeing the regulator diaphram reinstall and you will be good to go.If this does not work, the replace the regulator as it is defective.Some regulators are ajustable, if you have one of those then try to adjust the regulator, you will see a cap on top of the regulator, that is where the adjustment screw is located.Please take time to rate meBud
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I have a jenn air 3 burner grill purchased 4 years ago new (from either lowes or home depot). I use propane tank for fuel (which is 1/2 to 3/4 full at the moment). The issue I am having, is when I turn on any two of my burners and go to light the third; both of the previously lit burners flame way down (burners are still on high!!) and sometimes one will flame out, or they both flame way down and the third burner will not light. When the third burner is turned off, the other two do not come back onto high, they stay at a very low flame. HELP!!!

It sounds like it is a natural gas grill instead of propane change out your orifices
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I have a stainless steel Kenmore propane grill, model 119.16311800. It has four burners and a side burner on the left. It is two years old and has performed perfectly for two years. I am now having trouble with the flame. It will light and if I only have one burner on it will give a good flame. Lighting additional burners will reduce the flame size, when all four main burners are on they struggle to stay lit. We recently moved, and the grill was out of gas for an extended period. The problem first presented after a relative gave me a gas tank. Initial inspection showed some debris in the valve of the tank itself. I tried removing the debris from the tank with partial success. I connected it to the grill and had the same issue. Got a new tank. Fired up and cooked up some great burgers. thought I was all set until the next time when the new tank also produced the same results. I have not been able to disassemble the burners to check/clean the venturi tubes. (ever) It appears that there is a screw at the rear of the burners that will release it, but they are badly corroded and will not come out by standard means. If you could confirm this is indeed the proper way to remove the bruners I will drill them out and devise a better way to fasten them afterwards. Also, I did read here about opening the gas tank valve very slowly. I disconnected the regulator, waited a few minutes, reconnected and opened very slowly. Light the furtherst burner first and proceeded to find the problem still existed. I understand that the regulator may also be faulty. Given that there is no gauranteed life cycle for any product, can you estimate a typical life span for a regulator? How would I go about checking the regulator? I fear that when I tried to remove the gunk in that old tank some loose particals may have gotten into the regulator and damaged it. Thank you very much for any assistance you can give!

With all the you described, your best bet is to replace the grill hose/regulator assembly. It's not expensive and it's not difficult to do. You can find the hose/regulator assembly at any home center or hardware store that sells gas grills. The assembly is universal, but take your old one with you for comparison purposes.As far as replacing the burners are concerned, that's not difficult either. And you may be able to find the replacement burners at , as they made the Kenmore grills for Sears. And yes, the scenario you gave for removing the burners is correct.Hope this helped you and you will be kind enough to give my response to you, a positive rating.Happy Grilling!
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Gas not coming out enough; flame not catching on to other burners

Problem: Low flames on grill, tank is full.Cause: These newer tanks have a device inside that limits the flow of gas to prevent leaking or accidental discharge of gas from the cylinder. The leak detector mechanism inside the tank shuts off the gas whenever the valve is opened rapidly.Solution:Close the tank valve and remove the tank. Check the gas line for ANY object that could cause blockage. Open all valves on the grill to eliminate any pressure whatsoever. Close all valves and reattach tank. SLOWLY open the tank not over 2 turns. Check for leaks. I just open my tank a tiny bit but that is just me. This late model gas grill service manual has more details on page 13.
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Low flame, grill only heats to 250 degrees. Have performed all tasks in Owners Guide including cleaning burners. Have rotated propane tanks with no improvement. Sometimes third burner won't light at all. Have also notice occassional "whistling" sound when turn on main tank valve.

Most likely your regulator and hose is bad
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I have a full propane tank. I bbq'd about 3 weeks ago, same full bottle. Grill will not light. Good spark at ignitor. Used lighter and lit for a few seconds with low flame on high. No other burners will light. I can hear/smell the gas. Checked for leaks, with non visible. Any suggestions?

Hello,You may have turned the gas tank valve on too fast. Turn it back off, disconnect it and reconnect it. Then very slowly turn the valve back on. Light one burner at a time and turn to low before lighting the next. If you are hearing and smelling gas with the tank on but all grill knobs off, don't use the grill. You may have a leaking grill valve, regulator or hose. If you are only smelling gas with the knobs on, it's possible you have a clogged burner or orifice from bug nests, spiderwebs, etc and need to clean it out first. Hope this helps. Douglas
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Low flame After about a 2 year storage my ProSeries 2210 gas poceliain outdoor grill has a very limited and low flame level. So low that I am unable to grill anything! The propane tank level seems find and when I tap with my cleaning brush the flame seems to temporarily increase. What could it be? Something caught in the propane line, corroded burners or something else??

The newer type tank has an anti tip safety device. It gets all boo boo'd when the grill is moved around. Remove the tank. Open the valves on the grill and close them back. Re install the tank and slowly open the valve.
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The Front burner lights but only a small blue flame appears.

It sounds like it needs a good clean!
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