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How does the side burner connection work?

I am trying to assemble the affinity 3400, got as far as the side burner, can't get the gas connection to work, it doesnt look safe.

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First Greyhoundfan welcome Now about the grill. The side burner does not have a quick disconnect. It does however have corrogated gas line that is a PITA to connect.
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That might get you to the temp you want on the indirect side. ... one for each burner. That connection needs to be tight. ... If the igniter does not work, ...
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Hey all, I purchased my first gas grill yesterday (I'm normally a charcoal man, but my apartment doesn't allow 'em). It's a Brinkmann 2-burner...
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Adding Side Burner To ... the hose where it goes into the BBQ and then connect it to the side burner. ... the work and reading my advice accepts responsibility ...
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Here are two images to show how the side burner should connect: The gas does not escape because of the ‘venturi ... Is this how it should look/work? 01 February ...
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Nor does it work for Steve ... Raichlen suspects side burners are popular because they are an accessory that is inexpensive to install and gives the grill the ...
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How They Work When the gas is ... Loosen it first and retighten to assure a good connection; Side Burners Check the spark gap on the side burner along with the main ...
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How does the side burner connection work?

Check this link and download the pdf this might help you
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I HAVE A mEMBERS mARK Y0202XC-LP grill that has worked great fro about 10 years. Now it will not light at all. The ignitor on the side burner works visibly, but there is no gas smell. I have replaced the regulator with no results. I used a thin wire to check for debris in the connector where the regulator hose connects. This is the same part as a brass T-connector that has a hose to the main grill and is integrated into the side burner orifice. Any advice from here?

To solve this problem, first be sure you have adequate gas in the tank. If that checks out OK, do the following: 1. Turn the gas tank valve OFF and disconnect the hose from the tank. 2. Wait 5 minutes and reconnect the hose to the tank. 3. Open the tank valve VERY, VERY SLOWLY (Slow motion, slow). 4. Once the tank valve is fully open, light the burner farthest from the tank first and set the burner control knob on HIGH. Does the flame height look correct for being set on HIGH? If so, light the remaining burners the same way. Do all the burner flames look correct? If so, you solved the problem. Remember, to always open the tank valve Very, Very Slowly. If that didn't solve the problem, you will need to replace the grill's Hose/Regulator Assembly. It runs about $30.00 at any home center or hardware store that sells grills & accessories. If you replace it, turn the tank valve ON Very, Very Slowly. Hope this helped you to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Happy Grilling.Thanks for choosing FixYa.
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How to connect side burner correctly?

Slide the tube onto the rear of the knob and then set into place and put nut on. as long as the tube fits over the brass nipple, it will work
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Does conversion from LP gs to Natural gas on Ducane 30400040 (essentially makes it a model 30400041) require changing the inlet orofice on the IR burner ? I purchased conversion kit that included all new valves, manifold and igniters for main, side & IR burners. All works well but IR Burner will not light with either igniter or match.

Did the conversion kit give you an LP orifice for every new gas valve? LP gas orifices have smaller holes than Nat gas orifices. Can you smell gas when you turn on the IR burner by itself? Some burners styles have an air adjustment on the end that fits over the orifice. Make sure it's getting enough air. Also make sure your ignitor sparker is positioned where the spark can ark against the top of the burner. Ducane grills have rotary ignitors, so turn it (with gas off) and see if you can actually see where it's sparking. If it's not sparking in the right place, it will be difficult to light.
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I have a stainless steel Ducane BBQ with five burners plus side burner and a rottisserie burner , which does not work. It is approx 5 years old and I have never used the rottisserie till last week. I have tried to light it up , but there is no spark , and I do not hear a click on the rottisserie knob, please help.

Since you've never used it. It may simply be a case that the infrared rotisserie burner is dirty and clogged with grease from cooking on the main burners. In addition, the Thermocouple and the igniter for that burner may also have a grease build up. In which case it won't allow the burner to light.The electronic igniter that lights the main burners, also ignites the the rotisserie burner. Are you geting the click noise on the main burner igniters? If not, the battery in the igniter button needs to be replaced. Be sure to take note of the way the old battery is facing, when you unscrew the igniter cap. Because, that's the way the new battery should face. Also, try match lighting the rotisserie burner. To do this, turn the Rotisserie Burner's Control Knob to the ON position and push it in, as you touch the lit match to the burner. If the burner lights continue to hold the burner knob in for a couple of minutes. This allows the Thermocouple and the ceramic plaques to heat up completely. Then slowly release the burner knob and the burner should remain lit.If it doesn't stay lit, clean the burner and the Thermocouple ,in the manner that is described in your Owner's Manual.Hope this helps you troubleshoot and solve the problem. Please let me know and Happy Grilling!!
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One burner of my four burner grill only lights on one side. I have traded places in the grill with other working burners and they work fine in that spot but the one will still only light on one side unless I use a lighter on the unlit side. I have tried cleaning the openings and blown out the dust with air but have no improvement. Any suggestions?

If you remove the burner to clean it, did you also check and clean the venturi valve near the open end of the burner, where it fit's over the burner orifice? If not, the venturi is probably clogged. Spiders love to build nest in them. While you have the burner out, inspect it closely for anything you may have missed when you cleaned it the first time.Hope this helps you and Happy Grilling!!
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Several times now my gas burners simply will BARELY work at all. I have recently cleaned everything and have two tanks full of new LP - I tried both of them - NO GO. I took a wrench and tapped HARD on the regulator - no go. We cooked our steaks inside, 3 hours later I went outside to put away the grill and I tried to start it - IT WORKED - WHAT IS UP? Do I need to replace the regulator? Is so, can I cut into and splice the gas lines or do I need to replace the entire harness? I have a 4 burner gill+rotissarie burner+side burner. {By the way - the side burner did light this evening when the 4 burners had maybe 1-3% of their power - what's up with this?

Hi, Your problem could be or probably is with the regulator...not enough gas pressure...Propane, LP, or Natural Gas Regulator Problems heatman101
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