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Brinkmann BBQ HI, following a minor cleaning of the interior and grills my bbq, i have trouble lighting the main burner (middle), and when it does light up, the flame backs up toward the knob. The other two (L&R) light up no problem with a fireplace lighter independently, its the middle I need. is it blocked?

Posted by tricci57 on Jun 20, 2008

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Brinkmann BBQ HI, following a minor cleaning of the interior and grills my bbq, i have trouble lighting the main burner (middle), and when it does light up, the flame backs up toward the knob. The other two (L&R) light up no problem with a fireplace lighter independently, its the middle I need. is it blocked?

It sure sounds like it's blocked. Purchase a venturi tube cleaner (about $5) or try removing it and lightly tap on the ground to try and unplug the little holes that have filled with debris. If you have access to some air tools, try blowing it out-similar to an air filter of a car.
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I have a BBQ Galore Turbo. It is built into a BBQ Island. When I press the knob and turn it to the right to light the grill, it clicks at the first point (which it is where it is supposed to light.) It doesn't light. There is gas going to the grill, as I can light it with a match or lighter. Is this an ignitor problem? There is no ignitor button, it's a part of the burner switch. What do I do?

Usually in the knob is a battery. Replace or add if there is none.
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My barbecue has given me problems from day one. I have had problems getting it hot enough to cook with. Real big problems and used the broquet grill as a backup many times. I am aware of turning on the propane tank to quick but it still is an issue. Now I cant even get it to work. I have propane. I can't get the ignitor to work but tryed starting it with a lighter and even though I have the propane on and the knob turned to ignite, it still wont light. I unscrewed the propane hose at the tank and can hear pressure releasing. If I can fix it all that would be great. It is a great size barbecue. I can deal with the ignitor but the rest? Back to the broquets tonight. Thank god for the backup!

You need to put a new regulator on it
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I have an Altima 38 natural gas grill. The rotisorie lights but as soon a I remove my finger from the knob that has to be depressed to light the burner the rotisorie flame dies. As instucted int he manual I hold the know dowm for one or two minutes. I think it is a problem with the thermocoupler but not sure. Can this part be replaced.

Your assumption is more than likely correct. And yes, it can be replaced, But it it can be a bit difficult to do. If you sill have your Owners Manual it will assist you in locating where the Thermocouple screws into the burner control valve (Most manuals have an exploded view of all the parts of the grill), In any event, I suspect you may have to remove the front control panel to access the connection at the burner control knob.You can either purchase one from Altima (800) 229-5647 or from Appliance Factory Parts They also have a download-able and printable copy Owners Manual for your model grill at no charge.Hope this helped you to solve the problem. Please let me know and Happy Grilling!!
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Vermont castings Medallion CF9080 wiring burst into flames

First of all i would find out what city this company was in, and who owned it, then i would contact the district attourney in that city and see what they can do too get this remidied, this may be what is called a fly by night company, and they may or may not have a parent company....hope this helps....
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I have a stainless steel Kenmore propane grill, model 119.16311800. It has four burners and a side burner on the left. It is two years old and has performed perfectly for two years. I am now having trouble with the flame. It will light and if I only have one burner on it will give a good flame. Lighting additional burners will reduce the flame size, when all four main burners are on they struggle to stay lit. We recently moved, and the grill was out of gas for an extended period. The problem first presented after a relative gave me a gas tank. Initial inspection showed some debris in the valve of the tank itself. I tried removing the debris from the tank with partial success. I connected it to the grill and had the same issue. Got a new tank. Fired up and cooked up some great burgers. thought I was all set until the next time when the new tank also produced the same results. I have not been able to disassemble the burners to check/clean the venturi tubes. (ever) It appears that there is a screw at the rear of the burners that will release it, but they are badly corroded and will not come out by standard means. If you could confirm this is indeed the proper way to remove the bruners I will drill them out and devise a better way to fasten them afterwards. Also, I did read here about opening the gas tank valve very slowly. I disconnected the regulator, waited a few minutes, reconnected and opened very slowly. Light the furtherst burner first and proceeded to find the problem still existed. I understand that the regulator may also be faulty. Given that there is no gauranteed life cycle for any product, can you estimate a typical life span for a regulator? How would I go about checking the regulator? I fear that when I tried to remove the gunk in that old tank some loose particals may have gotten into the regulator and damaged it. Thank you very much for any assistance you can give!

With all the you described, your best bet is to replace the grill hose/regulator assembly. It's not expensive and it's not difficult to do. You can find the hose/regulator assembly at any home center or hardware store that sells gas grills. The assembly is universal, but take your old one with you for comparison purposes.As far as replacing the burners are concerned, that's not difficult either. And you may be able to find the replacement burners at , as they made the Kenmore grills for Sears. And yes, the scenario you gave for removing the burners is correct.Hope this helped you and you will be kind enough to give my response to you, a positive rating.Happy Grilling!
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Only two of 5 burners will work at any one time.

Your problem lays in one of two area's.Either your regulator needs adjusted or most likely it is your LP tankLook in the tank fitting for a small brass ring It will have 2 small slots on either side. This ring can back off over time and then will not allow the male fitting to fully depress the valve in the tank thus reducing your gas flow. I have had this happen on several tanks a bit of caution and a small flat bladed screw driver has always fixed the issue
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