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High Pitched Humning Noise

There is a high pitched humming noise coming from around the propane tank, I have checked the connection and it is TIGHT, have you heard of a problem like this?

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High Pitched Humning Noise

It is the regulator trying to vent off with a restriction. As long as it is working it will be ok to use but I imagine its days are numbered.
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There is a high pitch that people over approx age 30 cannot detect. My son and daughter complained of a high pitched noise coming from our gas grill, but I could hear nothing. I turned the gas tank off, and they said the noise stopped. A few minutes later, I turned it on again and re-lit the grill. They said the noise was gone. What would this be?

What they are hearing is the regulator. There is a diaphragm in the regulator that is vibrating due to the rush of gas flowing through it. This is easily corrected. First, the next time you light the grill, turn the tank valve only one quarter to one half of a turn and light the grill, once the grill is lit, if you have trouble bringing the grill to the temperature you want, you can open the tank valve more and the noise shouldn't start. The reason the noise won't start then is because by that time, the regulator's diaphragm is at the temperature of the gas flowing through it and, subsequently, will not vibrate. If the noise starts again, you can go to just about any home improvement store and get a replacement regulator.
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Barbeque is making a loud high-pitch noise. Can't

The diaphragm inside the regulator is vibrating; that is what is making the noise you are hearing. You could go out and buy a new regulator, but first I want you to try something. What I want you to do the next time you light the grill is to not open the tank valve all the way...only open it about 1 1/2 turns and light the grill. If the noise goes away (which, most likely, it will) then the easiest way to correct it is just to not open the valve all the way. Normally, all one needs to do is open the valve halfway and the grill will get plenty enough gas to give you a really hot cooking area. Or, you can go get a new regulator.
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High pitch sound from natural gas bbq what is causing this

It sounds like the air mix is wrong needs adjusting too much air to burn
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Turned on gas at regulator and heard a loud high pitched whoosing noise accompanied by a smell of gas. Taps on unit were in the off position

This could be the rush of gas when you turn the gas on , and the gas coming out of the breather hole on the reg try turning it on slower and test for leaks on the reg with soapy water if it bubbles up you have a leak on the reg, then you would have to change it .
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The fan in my commerical duke convection over isn't spinning

Maybe something is stuck in the fan, or you could check with someone
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I have a new Weber Summit Grill. It is connected to a natural gas line. I believe that I am following the directions but the burner flame won't stay on. In other words, I push in the first big knob on the right (next to the little one at the far end), I push it in, hear the click and wait five seconds to see the burner come on. I don't see the burner flames go on and when I release the knob, the flame goes out and any noise of the gas feed stops. Also after releasing the knob at the spark signal, when I try to turn the knob further to the right, it won't move.It is July 4, I have an expensive, highly recommended grill, but it is not coming on. Thanks.

Hi, I see you've been waiting an hour. Sorry about that. Maybe you have it fixed by now? On a new installation, it may take a while to get gas thru the pipe and out the burner. Do you smell gas when your hold the knob in? If not, hold it in until you smell gas or the burner lights. It may take a couple of minutes.
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Noisy pressure regulator

This is on the Weber site, under support. I have been experiencing the same problem and have not used it because of it. Humming or whistling from the regulator: Outside temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and the gas level within the tank may cause the rubber diaphragm inside the regulator to vibrate, making a humming or whistling sound. Although this sound may be alarming, this is NOT dangerous as long as it is not accompanied by the smell of gas. If the humming sound persists, a change in atmospheric conditions will eventually stop the vibration.
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I have a Grand Turbo 5 burner grill that is supplied by natural gas. When I open any one of the 5 valves to start the grilling party that is sure to follow, I hear the familiar high-pitched tone of the gas filling the burner, I hit the ignitor and....we have ignition!! But, the burner only stays lit for approximately1-2 seconds then dies out due to no gas flow. If I immediately repeat the process......nothing. But, if I wait for about 10 minutes and try again I get the same 1-2 seconds of flame then....nothing. Party's over folks.....

Hi, things to check, the Gas Regulator, the Hose, the Fitting... any protection circuitry. This is often caused by a faulty regulator, that won't supply the Gas properly.
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