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One burner burns mostly orange, not blue-green as it should. Does it need cleaning? Some other repair?

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Coleman propane stove problem

The connector for attaching the regulator to a disposable propane cylinder has a sintered bronze filter in the tip of the brass probe tube that is prone to clogging, or the bronze pellets get mashed down over time, restricting gas flow, and this will cause a portable grill or camp stove to perform poorly. The filter is so fine that it takes very good eyesight and bright light to see that it isn't solid metal, or use of a strong magnifying lens. The best solution is to buy a new Coleman regulator assembly. If you are unable to get a new regulator assembly and have the skills and the tools, you can try drilling a very small hole on the side of the probe tube with a #60 drill bit, just below the bronze filter, but near enough the end of the tube so that the hole will be past the plastic seal when the disposable cylinder is fully screwed into place. You should avoid drilling directly into the end of the probe tube, as the end of it is used to depress the Schrader valve in the disposable cylinder to allow gas to flow. A #60 wire gauge drill bit is only 0.040 inch (1.016 mm) in diameter, but makes a hole large enough to supply sufficient gas to a portable grill or a dual-burner camp stove. If you choose to perform this work, the probe should be unscrewed from the regulator body and the Schrader valve core in the probe tube should be removed before drilling. Be sure to clean all brass and bronze particles out of the probe tube before re-installing the Schrader valve core and the screwing the probe into the regulator. Use a removable-grade thread locking compound to secure the probe in the regulator body and don't over-tighten it, so as not to crush the rubber gasket. Allow the thread locking compound to cure for several hours before attempting to use the regulator. Keep in mind that this modification increases the likelihood of dirt getting into the needle valves and jets of your stove or grill, which can cause maintenance problems in the future.
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I have a Coleman two burner propane campstove and

Try cleaning the carbon out of the burners.
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Why is my stove causing a thick coat of soot to buildup on my pots?

You have to adjust the air intake holes at the valves. this will give you a blue flame.
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The grill side of my coleman propane stove has a normal blue flame.The right burner on the stove has a blue flame when it's turned down very low. The problem is when you turn the flame up it turns yel

Should be a damper which can be moved cutting back and increasing the air intake
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Have a large mobile propane grill with burner problems

Ok, here is a check list for your most common gas grill lighting problems:1) Check your tank. Is it empty or nearly empty? The tare weight (T.W.) of your cylinder is stamped on the collar. This is the weight of your empty cylinder, usually around 18 lbs. Weigh it on your bathroom scale. Propane weighs 4.25 lbs/gal. If it weighs around 20 lbs or less - Refill it. If not, go to #2.2) Make sure you didn't turn the gas tank valve on too fast. Some gas hoses have a built-in excess flow valve that stops the flow of gas to a trickle if opened too fast. Close the tank valve and let sit for a few minutes. Or just disconnect it and reconnect it. Turn the tank valve very slowly and then try lighting it again. If it doesn't help, go to #3.3) Is the igniter sparking? Some are battery powered-check the battery or replace it. If you have a standard push button piezzo igniter or a rotary style igniter, check for spark. Can you hear or see the spark? It's hard to see the spark in bright daylight. It's easier to view the spark at dusk or dawn. It should spark an "arc" at the burner. If not, adjust it if necessary. The igniter wire may have a short, causing the spark to arc somewhere else along the wire and not at the burner. Replace igniter wire. It's also possible the igniter tip where it sparks has a cracked or broken porcelain portion of the igniter, causing the spark to not arc at the tip where it's supposed to. Replace the igniter piece. If not, go to #4.4) You may have a rusted, clogged or damaged burner or venturi tube. With a flashlight, check for spider webs, wasp nests or dirt (mud) dauber nests in the opening of the venturi tube where it connects at each gas valve orifice. Clean it out manually or blow it out with air compressor. Make sure the air adjustment opening (on the end of the burner's venturi tube) has not been changed. If it's closed too much, it will be difficult to light and cause lazy yellow flames. If it's not clogged, the burner may just be old and rusted and the burner holes are not allowing very much gas through anymore. It's also possible the burner has rusted so bad, the burner holes have been enlarged, it is falling apart or has cracks along the burner seams. If so, replace the burner(s) immediately. It is unsafe to use. Your local propane co can usually order the parts you need and some will even do the work, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. Bring with you the Make, Model and Serial number of the grill, so they can order the correct parts for your specific grill.Have a large mobile propane grill with burner prob - 2_bing.gifify whether it's natural gas or propane.5) If none of these resolve the issues you are having, it is also possible you have a faulty or defective regulator, which may mean replacement. If the pressure still seems too low and none of the above has helped, and you have a silver/gray regulator; many have an adjustment screw on the top center of the diaphragm. Remove the outer cap and turn the inside screw clockwise in 1/4 turns to increase the pressure until the desired flame size is accomplished. Flames should be as blue as possible, but will burn orange if there is food or drippings on it. Yellow flames are not good, and will soot up everything and not cook as hot as blue flames do. Yellow flames could mean you do not have the right air shutter adjustment, clogged burners, or possibly defective burners, as mentioned above in #4. 6) Also make sure you have the hose connection tightened snugly to the propane tank valve to ensure the inner valve seat is fully depressed allowing gas to exit fully without any restriction. The black plastic female fitting should be hand tightened only. Older versions that use a left-hand male brass POL valve, requires a 7/8 open end wrench or adjustable wrench to tighten.Hope this helps! Good luck in your trouble shooting! Douglas
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Motorhome with propane line made for bbq. Bbqs (2 different brands) will light, but wont cook. Flame height very minimally affected by HI-Med-Low setting, but both bbqs work fine on other propane sources, small bottles, other motorhomes, etc. Other propane appliance on subject motorhome works great, propane level not low-no spiders/webs in lines or bbqs. Flex propane line/fittings to bbq works fine on other motorhomes. No quick disconnect fittings in use. Motorhome supply line not clogged as other appliance-(stove in motorhome) works great. All connections checked repeatedly for obstruction, teflon tape reside, other obstructions-none found. Problem 1 1/2 yrs old.

Are the burners blocked or the orfice or the gas on /off controls blocked
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Gas line freezing when stove is in use

Your line is freezing up because you're getting liquid propane instead of propane vapor out of your tank. Either it was overfilled, or you are hooking up the tank in the wrong position. If you are using a disposable cylinder, it should be upright or at a 45 degree or higher angle. If using a regular 20 lb cylinder with an adapter, the tank must be upright, never laid on it's side.
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Coleman Propane Stove 2 Burner 5430E700

Ho cold waas it out? remember that when its cold out the presswure of the propane tanks are real low and you have to warm them for the pressure to go up. if your by your car then you can place them inside with the heater going till they warm up ofr now worm them up inside first. good luck
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