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My barbecue ignitor came apart. How do i fix it? I have all the parts. ( the 2 springs, the red "trigger", another goldish metal piece, as well as the gray body of the lighter and black "collar" that goes around the red trigger area.

Posted by abk193 on Jul 07, 2008

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My barbecue ignitor came apart. How do i fix it? I have all the parts. ( the 2 springs, the red "trigger", another goldish metal piece, as well as the gray body of the lighter and black "collar" that goes around the red trigger area.

Weak spring goes first, then metal piece, then harder spring, then push the button back on.
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Why is black tea called black tea in english if its red? in chinese languages its called red tea.

Black tea is named black due to the black color of oxidized leaves.
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This si the second time I have had a problem when I changed tanks. It started working the first time but not this time. The tank valve is open and the pressure guage is in the green, until you tirn on the burner to light it, then the pressure guage goes to red (empty) and the burner lights for about 1/2 second then goes out from lack of gas. It worked fine until I changed to full tanks. As soon as I turn off the burner the pressure guage goes back to full ! Help please

Many newer grills have a safety feature built in where the valve will not allow gas to flow if the burner valve is in ON position when the valve on the tank is opened. Try this - Shut of all valves, disconnect and then re-connect hose to tank, turn on valve above LP tank, THEN turn on burner valve, light w/ spark or match... This feature can be really frustrating if you don't know it is in operation...
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Back Burner sometimes goes out when close grill -relights wn open

The new style OPD valves have a small brass ring located in the female fitting on the LP tank. Over time this ring can work loose and then it does not allow the male fitting to fully depress the OPD valve thus reducing your gas flow Using a small flat bladed screw driver tighten the small brass ring This should solve your problemIF not you might want to remove the cap (white) on your regulator and try slowly adjusting the regulator, make small adjustments and try the BBQ My Weber if I set the front and back burners to MED I get right at 350 degrees in 60 degree outdoor temps. Adjusting the regulator will take some time to get it right but If it is not your tank it is most likely your regulator out of adjustment
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I've a Swiss grill with rotisserie burner (infra-red) & it keeps blowing itself out, it stays lit for 5mins then suddenly flames pop out & it goes out, it still sounds as if gas is coming out though.

Almost certainly yes. The infrared grills work by gas and air coming through the surface under pressure. The crack would cause lower pressure and flameout. Does it flame at this area? Beyond the nozzle (towards the burner) that you cleared is an area called the venturi, this is where the gas is mixed with air before it hits the burner. check that for blockages.
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I have a fire Magic A660 drop in grill (natural gas) and when I light the burner (2 of the 3 burners) the flame doesn't travel all the way around the burner. Gas is coming out of all the ports. I can light the hole burner with a lighter but not one side and have if light all the way around it.

I don't know how old your grill is, but as grills age, the gas ports in the burners begind to clog and corrode. Flame travesl around the burners like dominoes when you stand them up and knock them down, one port lights the next, etc. All burners light on just one side and there are ports that are designed to take the gas from the outside of the burner to the inside and from one side to another. Depending on how clogged the ports are, you can clear them using a straightened paper clip, or a drill with a bit. Be careful not to make the gas ports larger.
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Flame has become very yellow and lazy. I installed a new regulator, but didn't help.

Try cleaning the burners sounds like they are blocked ,yellow and lazy is lack of air to burn
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My igniter doesn't work becasue the wires are not attached - is there a diagram?

If you have more than one wire you probably have more than one igniter. Usually the igniter is attached to the frame (so it's grounded like a spark plug on a car). the other end of the wire attaches to the sparking fixture, which is located alongside one of the jets of the burner, There should be a connecter on the end of the wire. This slips onto the unit that sparks, usually on the bottom. They don't give you much extra wire, so stretch it out under the grill and the "sparker" will be within reach of the end of the wire.
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