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Marshall control valve . gas regulator valve

Valve is leaking . dont see any recalls for marshalls LP gas regulator model # 150 .  marshall gas controls INC. san marcos texas. this valve has the same problem as other valves recalled . .AOLWebSuite .AOLPicturesFullSizeLink { height: 1px; width: 1px; overflow: hidden; }           .thay are leaking .

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Marshall Gas Controls

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Marshall Gas Controls

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General Safety Instructions for Gas ... Do not expose the regulator outlet or control ... must be made to PERMIT FREE FLOW of gas beyond the outlet valve. The ...
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Marshall control valve . gas regulator valve

I went to Lowe's and bought a replacement regulator (I am not at home so I can not cite the model number - but drop me a note if you need it) and using the adapter off the original regulator, it works like new. dmanuel (see above)
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I have a stainless steel Kenmore propane grill, model 119.16311800. It has four burners and a side burner on the left. It is two years old and has performed perfectly for two years. I am now having trouble with the flame. It will light and if I only have one burner on it will give a good flame. Lighting additional burners will reduce the flame size, when all four main burners are on they struggle to stay lit. We recently moved, and the grill was out of gas for an extended period. The problem first presented after a relative gave me a gas tank. Initial inspection showed some debris in the valve of the tank itself. I tried removing the debris from the tank with partial success. I connected it to the grill and had the same issue. Got a new tank. Fired up and cooked up some great burgers. thought I was all set until the next time when the new tank also produced the same results. I have not been able to disassemble the burners to check/clean the venturi tubes. (ever) It appears that there is a screw at the rear of the burners that will release it, but they are badly corroded and will not come out by standard means. If you could confirm this is indeed the proper way to remove the bruners I will drill them out and devise a better way to fasten them afterwards. Also, I did read here about opening the gas tank valve very slowly. I disconnected the regulator, waited a few minutes, reconnected and opened very slowly. Light the furtherst burner first and proceeded to find the problem still existed. I understand that the regulator may also be faulty. Given that there is no gauranteed life cycle for any product, can you estimate a typical life span for a regulator? How would I go about checking the regulator? I fear that when I tried to remove the gunk in that old tank some loose particals may have gotten into the regulator and damaged it. Thank you very much for any assistance you can give!

With all the you described, your best bet is to replace the grill hose/regulator assembly. It's not expensive and it's not difficult to do. You can find the hose/regulator assembly at any home center or hardware store that sells gas grills. The assembly is universal, but take your old one with you for comparison purposes.As far as replacing the burners are concerned, that's not difficult either. And you may be able to find the replacement burners at , as they made the Kenmore grills for Sears. And yes, the scenario you gave for removing the burners is correct.Hope this helped you and you will be kind enough to give my response to you, a positive rating.Happy Grilling!
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I have a Thermos 461262407 Propane Grill. It will not light, gets good ignition, and I just got a filled propane tank. I don't hear the sound of gas entering the tubes when I turn on the knob. Is it most likely a regulator problem (it has Marshall Gas Controls Model #150 regulator)? I couldn't find any blocked tubes or any sign of spider webs.

Hello, here is a check list for your most common gas grill lighting problems: Hopefully one will solve it for you.1) Check your tank. Is it empty or nearly empty? The tare weight (T.W.) of your cylinder is stamped on the collar. This is the weight of your empty cylinder, usually around 18 lbs. Weigh it on your bathroom scale. Propane weighs 4.25 lbs/gal. If it weighs around 20 lbs or less - Refill it. If not, go to #2.2) Make sure you didn't turn the gas tank valve on too fast. Some gas hoses have a built-in excess flow valve that stops the flow of gas to a trickle if opened too fast. Close the tank valve and let sit for a few minutes. Or just disconnect it and reconnect it. Turn the tank valve very slowly and then try lighting it again. If it doesn't help, go to #3.3) Is the igniter sparking? Some are battery powered-check the battery or replace it. If you have a standard push button piezzo igniter or a rotary style igniter, check for spark. Can you hear or see the spark? It's hard to see the spark in bright daylight. It's easier to view the spark at dusk or dawn. It should spark an "arc" at the burner. If not, adjust it if necessary. The igniter wire may have a short, causing the spark to arc somewhere else along the wire and not at the burner. Replace igniter wire. It's also possible the igniter tip where it sparks has a cracked or broken porcelain portion of the igniter, causing the spark to not arc at the tip where it's supposed to. Replace the igniter piece. If not, go to #4.4) You may have a rusted, clogged or damaged burner or venturi tube. With a flashlight, check for spider webs, wasp nests or dirt (mud) dauber nests in the opening of the venturi tube where it connects at each gas valve orifice. Clean it out manually or blow it out with air compressor. Make sure the air adjustment opening (on the end of the burner's venturi tube) has not been changed. If it's closed too much, it will be difficult to light and cause lazy yellow flames. If it's not clogged, the burner may just be old and rusted and the burner holes are not allowing very much gas through anymore. It's also possible the burner has rusted so bad, the burner holes have been enlarged, it is falling apart or has cracks along the burner seams. If so, replace the burner(s) immediately. It is unsafe to use. Your local propane co can usually order the parts you need and some will even do the work, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself. Bring with you the Make, Model and Serial number of the grill, so they can order the correct parts for your specific grill. Also spI have a Thermos 461262407 Propane Grill. It will - 2_bing.gifher it's natural gas or propane.5) If none of these resolve the issues you are having, it is also possible you have a faulty or defective regulator, which may mean replacement. If the pressure still seems too low and none of the above has helped, and you have a silver/gray regulator; many have an adjustment screw on the top center of the diaphragm. Remove the outer cap and turn the inside screw clockwise in 1/4 turns to increase the pressure until the desired flame size is accomplished. Flames should be as blue as possible, but will burn orange if there is food or drippings on it. Yellow flames are not good, and will soot up everything and not cook as hot as blue flames do. Yellow flames could mean you do not have the right air shutter adjustment, clogged burners, or possibly defective burners, as mentioned above in #4. 6) Also make sure you have the hose connection tightened snugly to the propane tank valve to ensure the inner valve seat is fully depressed allowing gas to exit fully without any restriction. The black plastic female fitting should be hand tightened only. Older versions that use a left-hand male brass POL valve, requires a 7/8 open end wrench or adjustable wrench to tighten.Hope this helps! Good luck in your trouble shooting! Douglas
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Regulator Repeatedly Reduces The Gas Flow

The new regulators will automatically shut down or reduce flow if the it senses that the flow is too high (as in a line leak or break). It can also be folled if you open the valve too quickly. There is a special plastic plug that can reset a tripped valve in the new tanks. (Mosquito Magnet supplies one with their product). The other thing is that there is a recall going on at Char Broil of defective thermometers that are reading too low.
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Name & source for quick-connect LP gas tank adapter piece?

Did you find what you needed? I have the same problem.
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Weber gas grill wont heat past 300 degrees

Are the fire red , orange or blue? must likely is the burner control. check the air control at the back of the burner control, it should be open all the way. it it is, then try another themostate.
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